King of the Ring is here again! In what should be an entertaining 3 hour version of RAW, the first King of the Ring in 2 years will be crowned.

Vince has failed to publish the bracket on the website, denying wrestling smarts and marks alike the chance to fill in the blanks and predict the winner, in doing so, I’m forced to use a little logic and wrestling alchemy to figure this one out.
Of the 8 superstars on tap we have Sheamus, John Morrison, Ezekiel Jackson, Daniel Bryan, Kofi Kingston, Dashing Cody Rhodes, Drew McIntyre, and Alberto Del Rio.

He would be one of my favourites to win it all. After being stuck in the wrestling doldrums with a questionable feud with Santino Marella, it’s time for him to break out and head back towards a main-event storyline. As we well know, a returning HHH is probably the program he’s heading into, so the question is, will Sheamus be the King of the Ring and then be fed to the King of Kings, or will Trips , ruin Sheamus’ chance to win it all?

John Morrison:

The question is, is the WWE serious about Morrison’s push this time? The Sheamus/Morrison feud was not allowed to play out completely, so I figure this feud will culminated with Morrison Sheamus matchup, the winner either winning it or going to the finals. John Morrison has all the tools, the question would be does Vince have the confidence to push this guy, or is he already a main event cusp guy, who doesn’t need to be King?

Ezekiel Jackson:

Big boy. Great steroid look, plus He’s on a roll. Perfect chance to get a face over with the fans by winning it all. Got a feeling he’ll get screwed, leading to a more serious feud.
Daniel Bryan:
The matches have been stellar, he has been a great US champ, but some of the extra-curricular, female valet nonsense, makes me not want to take this guy seriously as KOTR. Don’t get me wrong, seeing this guy win this tournament would be great, but I don’t see it happening. They’ve been in a weird habit of building this guy up, then feeding him like chum to the great white. There are greater things for this guy, and a crown and scepter is just not in the cards unfortunately.

Cody Rhodes:

His star has been rising fast lately. His in-ring and promos have gotten better as his new gimmick appears to have been working for him. Is he ready to add another stripe to his “Dashing” gimmick, or ewe about to see the coronation of King Cody? Seriously? No. Not happening.

Drew McIntyre:

One year ago, this guy came out of nowhere and shocked everyone at Survivor Series. Within a few months he was IC Champ, but now his push is all but disappeared. I figure he is in here as a potential darkhorse, but we all know, he is far from it.

Alberto Del Rio:

Since his debut, his in ring work and promo work have been stellar. His supposed lineage coming from Kings, gives us an idea that this King gimmick could be taken a little bit further. In addition, will Alberto’s interference against Rey Mysterio, end up costing him the crown?

Kofi Kingston:

Although a great performer, Kofi’s push happened in his feud with Randy Orton. I see no reason for another push with this gimmick. It’s absurd.

So after a little stirring, drum roll please…….the King will be:

Alberto Del Rio or Sheamus.

I have a feeling Morrison will be used as a launching pad for the HHH/Sheamus Feud II. I have been wrong before. I’ve been wrong many times. I’ve been wrong so many times you can hardly call be omniscient. It all depends on how the bracket is formulated.

With 4 heels and 4 faces, there could possibly be 4 smackdown vs RAW match-ups in the first round. If there are RAW vs RAW match-ups, etc, which would be predictable, and no heat for them especially the heel vs heel match-ups, which is why I choose for the former.

Zeke vs Mc Intyre
Bryan vs Del Rio
Morrison vs Cody Rhodes
Kofi vs Sheamus

In this set of pairings, each one achieves the intended result. Zeke Crushes McIntyre continuing his roll and reaffirming his role as the greatest threat in the tournament. Bryan should pair off against Del Rio or Cody Rhodes, providing a high energy first round match. Sheamus will most likely be in a big guy/little guy match, because a match against Zeke is just not interesting. He will eventually destroy Kofi, but not before taking an onslaught high-flying offense and blown spots.Bryan Puzzles me, because, he either wins his first round match only to lose in heart-breaker, or just gets ripped off the tracks of the Del Rio Express. In The semis I see Del Rio Cheating to beat the big man Zeke, placing him in the finals against Morrison, who must win in this bracket to assure a face/heel matchup. In this bracket Morrison must win, but I see HHH rearing his ugly head here, and either being part of the finish, or determining who goes to the finals, or beating up whoever wins the tournament.

There have been many times where the logical choice was swerved in order to produce a unpredictable result. Either way I see a heel coming out as the winner. It all depends on whether the WWE is intent on using this tournament to re-affirm the status-quo, or to push new and up and coming talent.

If Sheamus wins, HHH comes out and ruins the coronation, but what else is new when it comes to the subversion of new talent in order to hit someone with a sledgehammer and blow some water on the audience. Sometimes it can be so predictable. If Alberto Del Rio wins we can predict the promos on Smackdown will just go to another level.

It’s 8 o’clock now. Time to see all my predictions blow up in my face, but mostly to watch 3 hours of tournament wrestling intermixed with infantile garbage, and a masked John, err Cena.

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