WWE Hell in a Cell Results: John Cena to Join the Nexus

WWE Hell in a Cell is in the books, and WWE made an attempt to shake things up in order to improve the shit ratings they’ve done for the past 2 weeks.  In my opinion, nothing will change as long as you have a pay per view that features the most demonic structure in WWE, yet no one bleeds.   The main 2 stories coming out of the show were John Cena losing to Wade Barrett, hence forcing him to join The Nexus.  The arena seemed legitimately shocked and upset by this, which is pretty hard to believe these days.  There were “fan” run ins during the finish, but the fans were apparently members of NXT Season 2.  Cena was near tears, and the live crowd at least seemed to buy it.  To me, it’s just another story that will see Cena forced to be a Nexus member for awhile, until he finds a loophole that will allow Super Cena to return, beat them all, and go back to the same old crap.  HOPEfully this is a test run for a full fledged Cena heel turn, which is about the only thing in wrestling that could have a bit of spark left to it.

The other story saw Paul Bearer turning on The Undertaker already, and helping Kane win their Hell in a Cell match.  We’ve seen Paul turn on The Undertaker before, hell we’ve seen The Undertaker turn on Paul, so this didn’t have a whole lot of punch.  Everything else was pretty standard, they push this as a violent PPV but there isn’t much to it when there isn’t a drop of blood.  Other action saw:

Daniel Bryan defeated the Miz and John Morrison by making the Miz tap out.

Randy Orton defeated Sheamus in the first Hell in a Cell match.

Edge beat Jack Swagger in an impromptu match.

Barrett over Cena

Natalya over Michelle McCool by DQ
and Kane over The Undertaker
Now all eyes are on RAW, for the debut (at least temporarily) of John Cena as a Nexus member.

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