Is Sting a part of “They” ?

Watching the live episode of Impact! last night I began to see a clearer link between Abyss’ rantings about a “They” and Sting’s quest to rid TNA of Hogan/Bischoff’s “smoke and mirrors”. For months ‘The Icon’ has been on a one man mission to expose Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff for what he perceives them to be: liars. This began on January 4th when Sting watched Hogan, Bischoff, Hall and Waltman from the rafters and has progressed via his attempts to reveal the ‘truth’ to Dixie Carter, as well as his attacks on TNA’s founder Jeff Jarrett.
Over the same amount of time ‘The Monster’ Abyss has gone from being Hogan’s lackey- where he ‘Hulked up’ and wore red & yellow- to being the biggest thorn in the Hulkster’s side, even ramming the Hall of Fame ring he was given by Hogan down his former mentor’s throat. Abyss also began using devastating weapons called “Bob” and “Janice” to wage a path of destruction through the Impact Zone, even side-lining the world heavyweight champion Rob Van Dam in the process.
Despite many ideas about who “They” really are- from EV2 to Fourtune- no theory has stood up to scrutiny. However, during last night’s live episode, Abyss began the show by handcuffing TNA boss Dixie Carter to his arm and asking her would she prefer “Bob” or “Janice”, seemingly in reference to his two deadly weapons of choice. But the names of Abyss’ weapons are also the names of Dixie’s parents, Bob and Janice Carter, the owners of TNA’s financial backers Panda Energy. This link is surely more than a coincidence and could be an indication that this Sunday at Bound For Glory, when “They” are revealed, fans could be introduced to Dixie’s parents who are taking control of their daughter’s company.
My idea is that Sting went to Dixie’s parents and exposed Hogan/Bischoff for what they are, getting more support from the elder Carters who didn’t want their money being flushed down the drain. Sting then went to his former protege Abyss and explained what the Carters wanted. This set the events in motion that saw Abyss destroy Hulk Hogan’s supporters like RVD, Anderson and Hardy whilst pathing the way for Bob and Janice Carter to wrestle control from their blinkered daughter at 10-10-10.
If this is indeed the key to the identity of “They” then many potential story arcs could stem from Bound For Glory, including a possible heel turn for Dixie who could link up with Hogan, Bischoff and Jarrett.

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