Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jeff Hardy: Anti-Christ

The heel turn of fan favourite Jeff Hardy at TNA's Bound For Glory PPV last Sunday was certainly shocking, but some in the wrestling media questioned the logic/workability of a turn to the dark side for 'The Charismatic Enigma'. By forming an alliance with the universally hated Eric Bischoff and Daytona Beach's last famous new born heel Hulk Hogan, many critics and fans alike believed that Jeff Hardy would be able to limit his mic work (for which is isn't famous) and use his new mentors as his mouthpieces .

However, on this past Thursday's episode of Impact! which had the fall out from the revealing of "They", Hardy proved that he is more than a decent face character with an excellent repertoire of ring skills. His promo proclaiming himself the "Anti-Christ" of the wrestling world was sheer genius. He garnered heat from his previously adoring teen fans whilst also making himself look legitimateuly bad-ass to hordes of older wrestling fans who need a decent heel to admire following Randy Orton's face turn in WWE and The Miz's often comedic heel-lite promos. Maybe Jeff will even attract those disillusioned WWE Universe members to TNA's burgeoning fan base.

Critics often like to point out TNA's flaws without recognising the good things that occur in Orlando, with the supposedly senseless turning of Babyface Hardy into a possibly disastrous heel being a case in point. If Thursday's unveiling of "Immortal" (Hardy, Abyss, Jeff Jarrett, Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan) and Hardy's perfect transformation into a hated champion is a sign of things to come in TNA, then these critics may have to start mentioning the increasing positives of TNA wrestling.

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  1. I agree, Hardy is now awesome.......TNA gave us something fresh that we haven't seen, hence the ratings rise.