Brock Lesnar Loses UFC Title to Cain Velasquez

In quite a turn of events (or maybe not to some,) Brock Lesnar was defeated in round 1 by ref stoppage by challenger Cain Velasquez.  When Lesnar first debuted in UFC, his loss to Frank Mir was looked at as due to inexperience, but Lesnar showed so much potential that everyone agreed he was going to be a force.  Since then Lesnar has won every one of his fights, including winning the UFC Heavyweight Championship from Randy Couture.  In his last fight, Lesnar was tested and nearly beaten by Shane Carwin, but Brock’s comeback in the fight convinced even more people that Brock was a well rounded force that would be tough to beat.  Cain Velasquez was looked at as a solid challenger, being he, like Carwin, was also undefeated.  While Cain was looked at as a threat, the hype for Carwin as a threat was much more.  But tonight, Cain solidified his spot in MMA by destroying Brock Lesnar in a round 1 TKO, repeatedly punching Brock in the face.  Brock was bloody and beaten, and definitely lost some steam as an unbeatable monster.

A return match will be big money without a doubt, but the question is can Brock come back and take his title back, or has it been proven that Lesnar will not be as dominant in MMA as everyone thought.  A return to wrestling, whether it be WWE or TNA is possible at some point, especially if Brock performs like he did in his last 2 fights.  Brock has at least a couple of fights left, and even another big run if he can claim his title back, but the hype for Brock especially from wrestling fans took a huge hit with tonight’s loss to the new UFC Heavyweight Champion, Cain Velasquez.

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