Friday, September 24, 2010

TNA's 10-10-10, Just Who Are "They"

Last Monday RAW scored one of it's lowest ratings in many years, and in my opinion it is due to nothing else but WWE being stale as can be, with no connection to their fans other than little kids.  There is nothing edgy, no characters anyone wants to connect with, there is nothing to entertain an adult fan, just a whole bunch of nothing.

Then we turn to TNA, who is once again at one of their famous make or break points.  They've got their biggest show of the year on 10-10-10, which is Bound for Glory, which will be the culmination of one of the longest running angles wrestling has seen in years.  The "They" Abyss has been referring to for months will finally arrive, and many changes are set to take place.  TNA is pushing this show to the moon, even holding a "Before the Glory" live Impact on 10-7-10, which will feature main events like a $100,000 battle royal and a Mick Foley vs. Ric Flair match, along with the rumored debut of Mickie James

The big 10-10-10 date has been pushed hard for a long time now, but it's much more than just Abyss pushing a big debut or new on air characters.  Months ago Dixie Carter was tweeting about major changes in TNA that were about to go down, and change TNA forever.  Her talk of these events has been off and on for a few months, but last night on Impact, the talks were brought on air, and Dixie confirmed that the changes she's spoke of would begin to be revealed on 10-7-10.  The belief months back was that Dixie was indeed signing Paul Heyman to come in and take over TNA, and there was even confirmation by Heyman himself that he did indeed meet with Dixie, but gave no details as to where things stood.  When TNA Hardcore Justice was announced, many felt and hoped that it would be the platform that would bring Heyman into the company, but no such luck.  Will 10-10-10 be the time for Heyman to finally come in and take TNA to the next level?  And if so, who are "They" if it is only Heyman?

When thinking of who is out there in the business that would really make an impact and make this angle seem huge, the name of Shane McMahon also comes up as a possibility.  Last year Shane McMahon resigned from WWE to pursue other interests, which made many immediately assume TNA.  I think Shane coming in this is the very longest shot, and people are only thinking wrestling storyline wise when they consider this.  In case anyone forgot, Shane is Vince McMahon's son, and going  his family's business and legacy by going to the competition just isn't realistic.

Finally, judging by the conspiracy angle that has Kevin Nash and Sting trying to "expose" Hulk Hogan, Jeff Jarrett, and Eric Bischoff, there is a good possibility that the "They" angle will be a swerve that will somehow reveal Hogan/Bischoff/Jarrett as "They."  This scenario would be the most disappointing, since it would feature guys already in the company, and not really much of a surprise.  Hogan has been in and out of the hospital lately posting videos still talking about TNA, and how wrestling is about to "Go back to how it should be," which alludes to a possible turn which would see the heel Hogan and Bischoff running the company against Dixie and the top faces like RVD and Jeff Hardy.

My gut tells me the Hogan/Bischoff/Jarrett turn is the most likely scenario, while I'm still hoping the best scenario happens, which would be Heyman.  There is the off chance it could be something out of the blue that no one seems coming, but will all the hype, TNA has definitely created major expectations for themselves.  None the less, starting on 10-7-10, TNA has some exciting stuff and good matches with tons of hype to look forward to, which is much more than I can say for WWE.  TNA Before the Glory airs on Spike TV on 10-7-10 in a special 3 hour episode, followed by the first ever live TNA Reaction.  TNA Bound for Glory is live on PPV on 10-10-10.

Share your thoughts below about the changes that are about to go down that will change TNA forever, and who you think "They" are.


  1. Shaun michaels anyone?

  2. The people above me are retards.

  3. Its not Paul.

    Shawn Micheal's?

    Shane not sure.

    The other two is no.

    Paul has his own site.

    By looks of that its not happening.

    Shawn will never go to tna.

    Who knows anyways later.

  4. they are bring alot of people from aaa in mexico possibly james mitchell is coming back

  5. It is not DX your dorks. Are you serious ? dx IS Chyna,Michaels,Helmsley. One is a pornstar , One is a VP of WWE and one is retired and loving it.

    Its probably some crappy NWO (like) scenario similar to that of the Hogan turn in 96'
    I hope I am wrong but I am more sure that I am correct.

  6. gonna be something crap whatever it iws
    most likely Hogan and Bischoff rehashing the politics that was WCW's demise,

    Weren't Hogan and Bischoff gonna take TNA to the next level and trim the fat? How's that working for em?

    YAWN!!!!!! bring in new people each month for a 1 month hit and still fail to garner any major ratings change. When will they realise it's not only the "entertainers" that are the problem it's everything else that is the biggest issue

    Maybe WWE has bought em out :)

    Doesn't matter what they do, it won't change the crap production of TNA, they just don't get it.

  7. WWF was good to watch. I don't watch WWE anymore I love TNA.

  8. I think is Kane and undertaker as there in a story line.

  9. I personally think it's not someone from the WWE..

    D-X is a 100% NO,, because the way of Abyss his behavior is totally not D-X..

    Undertaker and Kane,, than it would be only taker,, since Kane is the World Heavyweight Champ and 10-10-10 is just 6 days away ( Just cant wait .. ) And taker by himself,, not really my biggest guess because i think he will stay in WWE untill retirment somewhere at a wrestlemania where he will loose for the first time in his last match or something like that..

    Shane McMahon,, I must say I really don't hope it.. because its not a happy thought that a McMahon has power inside of TNA they have there one shitty company WWE..

    Paul Heyman,, would be nice seeing him again,, but would be unlikely to stand next with abyss after what he did to RVD and all..

    My biggest guess is that it involves de coalition of Sting,, Nash and recently joined Pope.. because I've got a feeling "they" are also planning something big for 10-10-10

  10. the they will be i say wwe invading not obviously the real wwe but like the outsiders in nwo if u look at the story first it was fortune which is ric flair wcw then it was the ecw guys came in so i feel wwe will be next

  11. I hope it's they is the Nexus