Ranting and Raving

Hello peeps! I have been in tune with professional wrestling since 1992 and i’ve gotta say, this is a down period for the sport. In the WWE, we are seeing the same main events cycled to fit into 3 or 4 ppv cycles. WWE has also failed to keep the Nexus angle interesting, instead they opted to let “super Cena” obliterate them and make a few members look like complete losers. Look WWE, we realize this company has loads of backstory and history, but c’mon HHH and Vince, give us something that we haven’t seen in the past 4 years. I’m sick to frikkin’ death of lil’ hornswoggle (horny) and for damn sure sick of the way Raw has turned into a ratings disaster. I remember in 1998 Raw would easily pull a 6.5 or so rating. My personal opinion is that for one, they should kill that damned brand extension IMMEDIATELY! What’s the point of having an extension when you hardly have a roster anymore? The same guys fight each other every week. Example: Kofi vs Ziggler, Super Cena vs random Nexus member). You would think the logical thing to do would be to watch TNA but WAIT! You will see the most god-awful acting i’ve ever seen from Dixie Carter (please sell the damn company already)! Not to mention the amount of criminals and losers on the roster in recent years.. Pacman Jones, Jeff Hardy, Jim Neidhart, RVD, Sean Waltman, Scott Hall). C’mon TNA.. Stop trying to be the WCW of the 90s is sad and desperate!!! Well, this is Damon the wrestling fan who is very frustrated and confounded by today’s industry.. WWE won’t even call it wrestling or their guys wrestlers anymore.. WTF?? I’m signing out peeps.. PEACE AND LUV!!!

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