Breaking News: NXT’s Aloisa Already Gone from WWE?

When it was announced that NXT season 3 would be an all Diva’s season, the immediate thought was that there may be less interest in the season.  The Diva’s aren’t pushed as much else but filler these days, unlike the past when the Diva’s could main event once in awhile.  But then the announcement that a 6’9 amazon would be part of the season really stirred up interest.  “Aloisa” aka “Isis the Amazon” on the indy scene, was the first really non cookie cutter diva that WWE has signed in years.  Chyna got over for being different, but since her there has pretty much been a template WWE follows with Diva’s.  Now the chance to see a 6’9 giant diva pummeling the competition was an interesting thought.

Sadly, it looks like all of that is over before everything begins.  Out of the blue earlier today, WWE removed all pics and mentions of Aloisa from, and later posted a message saying her NXT pro Vickie Guerrero had “fired her” and will be debuting a new protege this Tuesday.  The only guess here is that WWE jumped the gun with Aloisa, and she was nowhere near ready to be in the ring.  Reports have said that she was still very green on the indy scene, and it’s possible WWE chose to throw her in the mix based on her look alone.  We will update this if any further details on the reasoning for Aloisa’s removal become clear.

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