Monday, September 27, 2010

Elite Xtreme Wrestling in Arizona to Stream Free Live Event Featuring Val Venis

Ever wanted to check out one of the better indy wrestling shows out there from the comfort of your own home?  Well now Elite Xtreme Wrestling in Phoenix, Arizona is giving you the chance.  Tomorrow night (9-28-2010) EXW will be streaming their "Xtreme Tuesday" event live and free.  The promotion has a great looking roster, and even has Val Venis as a regular.  On top of a good regular roster, EXW recently featured Tommy Dreamer, Madison Rayne, and Taylor Wilde on recent shows. 

EXW is currently in the process of stepping things up, and will be streaming their shows worldwide.  On tomorrows show, things kick off in a major way as the main event features Val Venis challenging for the EXW championship against champion Derek Neikirk.  Bell time is 8 P.M. Arizona time at Toby Keith's I Love This Bar and Grill  for any fans in the area that may want to attend.  The stream will be live so if you are outside of Arizona you will have to adjust to your time zone.  For more information or to watch the live stream, check out the EXW website.

Matt Hardy removed from Smackdown opening

For all you attitude era fans, Matt Hardy has been removed rom the Smackdown opening, and has been replaced by Alberto Del Rio. This is further proof that Hardy's days are numbered in the WWE. He is expected to sign on immediately with TNA following his mandatory 30 day non-compete clause. He will join his younger brother Jeff to start a new Hardy boyz era in TNA. Stay tuned, we will keep you updated.

Ranting and Raving

Hello peeps! I have been in tune with professional wrestling since 1992 and i've gotta say, this is a down period for the sport. In the WWE, we are seeing the same main events cycled to fit into 3 or 4 ppv cycles. WWE has also failed to keep the Nexus angle interesting, instead they opted to let "super Cena" obliterate them and make a few members look like complete losers. Look WWE, we realize this company has loads of backstory and history, but c'mon HHH and Vince, give us something that we haven't seen in the past 4 years. I'm sick to frikkin' death of lil' hornswoggle (horny) and for damn sure sick of the way Raw has turned into a ratings disaster. I remember in 1998 Raw would easily pull a 6.5 or so rating. My personal opinion is that for one, they should kill that damned brand extension IMMEDIATELY! What's the point of having an extension when you hardly have a roster anymore? The same guys fight each other every week. Example: Kofi vs Ziggler, Super Cena vs random Nexus member). You would think the logical thing to do would be to watch TNA but WAIT! You will see the most god-awful acting i've ever seen from Dixie Carter (please sell the damn company already)! Not to mention the amount of criminals and losers on the roster in recent years.. Pacman Jones, Jeff Hardy, Jim Neidhart, RVD, Sean Waltman, Scott Hall). C'mon TNA.. Stop trying to be the WCW of the 90s is sad and desperate!!! Well, this is Damon the wrestling fan who is very frustrated and confounded by today's industry.. WWE won't even call it wrestling or their guys wrestlers anymore.. WTF?? I'm signing out peeps.. PEACE AND LUV!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Paul Bearer Returns to WWE and Rejoins The Undertaker

Tonight on Smackdown, WWE actually pulled off an unexpected surprise as Paul Bearer returned and rejoined The Undertaker in his feud against Kane.  We say unexpected because at the moment it seems like WWE is so stuck in the "youth movement" with only rookie characters being brought on board and pushed.

Paul Bearer is of course the legendary manager of The Undertaker, dating back to 1991; WWE rarely brings back an old character so I have a feeling The Undertaker himself probably had some backstage pull with this one.  The angle went over well and Bearer got a great reaction - it makes perfect sense for Bearer to return and rejuvenate 'Taker after his loss to Kane at the last PPV. 

The last time we saw Bearer he was in a concrete crypt and "killed" by the Undertaker himself; the angle didn't make much sense at all and really was just to get Bearer out of the picture for some reason.

Now Bearer is back in his rightful spot and adding another dimension to Undertaker and Kane's current feud.  Whether he lasts long is anyones guess, but to see A. a manager and B. a WWE legend back in a big role is a nice change of pace to what WWE has been giving us lately.

R.I.P. Giant Gonzalez

More sad news to report as the number of wrestling deaths this year rises again, as Jorge "Giant" Gonzalez aka "El Gigante" in WCW, has passed away at the age of 44.  Gonzalez was a monster 7 foot 7 giant that debut in WCW in 1990 as "El Gigante."  He debuted at one of the most odd pay  per views in WCW history, Capital Combat, which saw Robocop appear and help Sting against the Four Horsemen.  Later in the night, Luger and Sting had more trouble with the horsemen, when suddenly this 7"7 robotic looking giant that no one had ever seen comes walking out to scare off the horsemen.  As El Gigante, Gonzalez worked in WCW in feuds with Flair, Sid, and the One Man Gang, but was always limited in the ring. 

In 1993 Gonzalez yet made another odd debut, this time in WWE, as he came walking out during the Royal Rumble in 1993 to attack the Undertaker.  Gonzalez now sported a full air brushed body suit, air brushed body hair and all.  It was definitely one of the most unique choices in wrestling gear in history.  Gonzalez's most high profile match came at Wrestlemania 9 against the Undertaker, in which Gonzalez became number 3 in the Undertaker's streak.  Gonzalez left WWE after SummerSlam of that year, losing to the Undertaker in a Rest in Peace match.  His WWE run was his last main stream work on the U.S. wrestling scene, as he only worked overseas after that. 

Gonzalez had suffered from complications from diabetes leading up to his death.  Giant Gonzalez was a memorable character that made an impact even though his time was relatively short in the wrestling world.  Here is a video that was shot a couple of years ago with Giant Gonzalez in his hometown:

Friday, September 24, 2010

TNA's 10-10-10, Just Who Are "They"

Last Monday RAW scored one of it's lowest ratings in many years, and in my opinion it is due to nothing else but WWE being stale as can be, with no connection to their fans other than little kids.  There is nothing edgy, no characters anyone wants to connect with, there is nothing to entertain an adult fan, just a whole bunch of nothing.

Then we turn to TNA, who is once again at one of their famous make or break points.  They've got their biggest show of the year on 10-10-10, which is Bound for Glory, which will be the culmination of one of the longest running angles wrestling has seen in years.  The "They" Abyss has been referring to for months will finally arrive, and many changes are set to take place.  TNA is pushing this show to the moon, even holding a "Before the Glory" live Impact on 10-7-10, which will feature main events like a $100,000 battle royal and a Mick Foley vs. Ric Flair match, along with the rumored debut of Mickie James

The big 10-10-10 date has been pushed hard for a long time now, but it's much more than just Abyss pushing a big debut or new on air characters.  Months ago Dixie Carter was tweeting about major changes in TNA that were about to go down, and change TNA forever.  Her talk of these events has been off and on for a few months, but last night on Impact, the talks were brought on air, and Dixie confirmed that the changes she's spoke of would begin to be revealed on 10-7-10.  The belief months back was that Dixie was indeed signing Paul Heyman to come in and take over TNA, and there was even confirmation by Heyman himself that he did indeed meet with Dixie, but gave no details as to where things stood.  When TNA Hardcore Justice was announced, many felt and hoped that it would be the platform that would bring Heyman into the company, but no such luck.  Will 10-10-10 be the time for Heyman to finally come in and take TNA to the next level?  And if so, who are "They" if it is only Heyman?

When thinking of who is out there in the business that would really make an impact and make this angle seem huge, the name of Shane McMahon also comes up as a possibility.  Last year Shane McMahon resigned from WWE to pursue other interests, which made many immediately assume TNA.  I think Shane coming in this is the very longest shot, and people are only thinking wrestling storyline wise when they consider this.  In case anyone forgot, Shane is Vince McMahon's son, and going  his family's business and legacy by going to the competition just isn't realistic.

Finally, judging by the conspiracy angle that has Kevin Nash and Sting trying to "expose" Hulk Hogan, Jeff Jarrett, and Eric Bischoff, there is a good possibility that the "They" angle will be a swerve that will somehow reveal Hogan/Bischoff/Jarrett as "They."  This scenario would be the most disappointing, since it would feature guys already in the company, and not really much of a surprise.  Hogan has been in and out of the hospital lately posting videos still talking about TNA, and how wrestling is about to "Go back to how it should be," which alludes to a possible turn which would see the heel Hogan and Bischoff running the company against Dixie and the top faces like RVD and Jeff Hardy.

My gut tells me the Hogan/Bischoff/Jarrett turn is the most likely scenario, while I'm still hoping the best scenario happens, which would be Heyman.  There is the off chance it could be something out of the blue that no one seems coming, but will all the hype, TNA has definitely created major expectations for themselves.  None the less, starting on 10-7-10, TNA has some exciting stuff and good matches with tons of hype to look forward to, which is much more than I can say for WWE.  TNA Before the Glory airs on Spike TV on 10-7-10 in a special 3 hour episode, followed by the first ever live TNA Reaction.  TNA Bound for Glory is live on PPV on 10-10-10.

Share your thoughts below about the changes that are about to go down that will change TNA forever, and who you think "They" are.

Mickie James Signs with TNA Wrestling

Ever since a few months back when Mickie James was released by WWE, rumors and speculation have swirled that Mickie would no doubt be coming to TNA.  Reports are now confirming that Mickie James has indeed signed with TNA, and is rumored to be debuting at TNA's October 7th "Before the Glory" show live on Spike TV.  If not on October 7th, Mickie should definitely be in the mix no later than the 10-10-10 Bound for Glory PPV.  Mickie is a great signing for TNA, and will no doubt be the top face of the TNA Knockout division.  TNA's Knockout division has been in need of a boost for awhile now, after once being the hottest division in TNA.  Mickie was arguably the most popular Diva in WWE at the time of her release, so this is a smart move by TNA to bring yet another recognizable face that still has a lot to offer to their product.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Paul London "Weighs In" on the Matt Hardy Situation

Yesterday we reported on Matt Hardy's recent troubles with WWE, today the ever interesting/entertaining (depending on how you look at him) Paul London gives his......."thoughts" on the situation.  London and Hardy are far from best friends, as they've had some backstage drama from a few years back over Ashley Massaro, and London is never afraid to give some thoughts on Matt Hardy, as evident by this video. When Hardy is gone from WWE, promoters better be careful not to book these two on the same show, as there could definitely be some heated and very real results.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Is Matt Hardy Leaving WWE?

Over the past few days, there have been numerous reports about Matt Hardy being "sent home" from shows, most recently during WWE's tour of England.  There haven't been any concrete details about why, other than unconfirmed reports about Hardy's "condition," which suggests something involving drugs and/or alcohol.  In the past few weeks, Hardy has been on his official Twitter page dropping hints about "change" and no longer being held back.  Many believe Hardy was unhappy with his current role in WWE, and if so he has good reason.

Matt Hardy seems to have been stuck in neutral for at least a couple of years now.  He gets good reactions at shows, but rarely gets put in a big angle, and if he is, the purpose is to elevate someone else.  A few years ago when Hardy was released from WWE due to his behind the scenes drama involving Edge and Lita, he gained an internet and "smart fan" following due to the way he was handled in being released by WWE.  WWE saw the fan response and brought back Hardy to feud with Edge, at first making it look like Hardy was running in and attacking on his own without being a member of the WWE roster.  When the feud carried out, Edge came out on top and moved on to bigger and better things, while Hardy just went back to being a regular WWE guy again.

Even though Hardy has pretty much been wasted booking wise, he is still way over, and could still thrive elsewhere, most notably in TNA where he could potentially reunite with Jeff for a TNA Hardy Boyz run.  The problems with WWE are more evident than ever, as Hardy posted a video where he proves he wasn't "sent home" although he's just playing on the wording of the situation, and doesn't deny that there were problems and did not appear on the shows mentioned.  Some of the "journalists" on other sites have speculated on Hardy's condition in the videos, but that topic is left to viewer perception as of now.  If the change Hardy is talking about is indeed a move away from WWE, it will definitely be a good move in my opinion.  Hardy is not at tonight's Smackdown tapings, and WWE has confirmed that Hardy was taken off the road by WWE despite his video implying that he wasn't.  Check out Hardy's video from England addressing the rumors below:

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Jeff Hardy court hearing

On 9/9, the rainbow haired one is going to appear in court in The Superior Court of Moore County in Carthage, NC. The charges Hardy is facing are as follows-
* Possession of cocaine.
* trafficking of opium
* Intent to distribute
* possession of drug paraphernelia

Hardy is facing quite a long time in prison should he be found guilty, and it makes me wonder could this be the last of Jeff Hardy. Better enjoy him on TNA Impact! while you can.

WWE's 50 greatest superstars

WWE is releasing a 50 greatest superstars dvd that is exclusive to Wal-Mart. It's release is slated for 12/14.

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Hulk Hogan in the hospital!

The hulkster posted a video on his twitter account from his hospital room. He's currently hospitilized with severe back spasms. He apologized to his fans, seeing as he won't be at the Impact! tapings.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Breaking News: NXT's Aloisa Already Gone from WWE?

When it was announced that NXT season 3 would be an all Diva's season, the immediate thought was that there may be less interest in the season.  The Diva's aren't pushed as much else but filler these days, unlike the past when the Diva's could main event once in awhile.  But then the announcement that a 6'9 amazon would be part of the season really stirred up interest.  "Aloisa" aka "Isis the Amazon" on the indy scene, was the first really non cookie cutter diva that WWE has signed in years.  Chyna got over for being different, but since her there has pretty much been a template WWE follows with Diva's.  Now the chance to see a 6'9 giant diva pummeling the competition was an interesting thought.

Sadly, it looks like all of that is over before everything begins.  Out of the blue earlier today, WWE removed all pics and mentions of Aloisa from, and later posted a message saying her NXT pro Vickie Guerrero had "fired her" and will be debuting a new protege this Tuesday.  The only guess here is that WWE jumped the gun with Aloisa, and she was nowhere near ready to be in the ring.  Reports have said that she was still very green on the indy scene, and it's possible WWE chose to throw her in the mix based on her look alone.  We will update this if any further details on the reasoning for Aloisa's removal become clear.

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