Thursday, July 22, 2010

WWE Signs Austin Watson to Developmental Contract

WWE signed released TNA wrestler Austin Watson aka Consequences Creed to a developmental deal. Hopefully he'll move up to the main roster soon because he has a lot of experience and decent enough skills to prove a sucessful mid-carder.

I had some time so wanted to throw this up. Writing for the other site is taking up time among other things. Hopefully this site gets a writer who updates more often than I can.

I know the trolls are going to rage about this but the new site is going great, been getting some good comments and a lot of views. Hopefully I'll have a better article for this site in the future.

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  1. Yeah thanks for leaving us behind....way to leave a growing project.

  2. Unless you're working for didn't sell out.....only marked out.....see ya.

  3. These trolls really don't understand what a mark is lol