WHat the WWE could do with this Undertaker Storyline

Who should be the Undertakers attacker(s)? Some people might say Kane, but that feud has been over done. Some might say Edge, but how would Edge know how to put Undertaker in a coma? Granted he was in the brood, but that gimmick didn’t really stick. Khali and Randy Orton face the same problem. So why not the “Other Side of Darkness”. “Other Side of Darkness” is a group in WFX (Look on the Comcast Network to see it at 9pm on Friday night). That consists of Gangrel (Former member of the ministry of darkness), Apoc (I think he was employed by OVW), and Kevin Thorn (Vampire from ECW).

Gangrel: He not only would know how to bring down the Undertaker, he’d have a reason to want to. Consider the fact that he is an older wrestler, fired by the WWE 3 times. 2 of those times before he even got on TV, While the Undertaker has been on WWE TV for an astounding 20 years. Oh, did I forget to mention the brutal beating that he, Edge and Christian suffered at the hands of “Ministry of Darkness”. So Gangrel gives us an experienced wrestler with a motive and a team to help him commit the deed.

Kevin Thorn: Kevin Thorn could have a motive. During his first run in the WWE, he was “Mordecai” (A gimmick that was rumored to be tailor maid to feud with the Undertaker). After a brief feud with Hardcore Holly, he was sent back to OVW. Almost a year and a half later, he returned as Kevin Thorn, A vampire with his Valet “Ariel” (Shelly Martinez). He spent a short time roaming the WWECW grounds until he was a part of “The New Breed”. After the split of “The New Breed” Arial was released from her contract (Due to backstage hazing by Batista) and Kevin Thorn was truly alone. He spent a little time with WWE wrestling dark matches before being sent to OVW and FCW and requesting his release. So he has a motive, the fact that WWE “stopped” him from ever getting a chance to wrestle the Undertaker.

Apoc: Aside from working for OVW and being part of the group he has no connection to the Undertaker. He’s basically just another body.

Paul Bearer: Now Paul isn’t a member of this group, but he has something that they should have. First he if anybody would know how to put the Undertaker in a coma, he has The Power of the urn, the internal knowledge of the darkness, and they weaknesses of the Undertaker and Kane. With this, the WWE would have a new faction and an interesting feud that makes sense… (Sort-of).

What do you think? For more info on WFX visit http://www.wfxwrestling.com and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WFX_Wrestling

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