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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Not Going To Write As Many Articles

There aren't going to be as many articles posted because I have gotten a new job writing for a bigger site (with no trolls :). I'm still going to write for the Roundup just not as often.

Until next time.


  1. "I have gotten a new job"

    Holy fuck kid. What BIGGER site would hire someone who has no concept of grammar?

  2. Yep I have no concept of grammar at all.

  3. How lame......promise us about 10 upcoming articles, deliver none, then leave to a "bigger" site which is total bs too i'm sure. Good riddance.

  4. If you read carefully you'll see that I'm still writing for this site and some of those articles didn't turn out to my liking so i scrapped them. I'm still going to do the Undertaker DVD review but haven't finished it yet but I will say this it isn't that great.

  5. Also why would I lie about writing for a bigger site? To impress the trolls?