Brock Lesnar Submits Shane Carwin and Remains Champion at UFC 116

In a fight that without a doubt lived up to the hype, Brock Lesnar survived the onslaught of Shane Carwin and went on to choke Carwin out in round 2 of their fight at UFC 116. The hype for this fight has been huge, with Lesnar being out of action for just about a year, and Carwin destroying every opponent he’s faced without even being out of the first round, this fight earned it’s billing of “biggest fight in UFC history.” Carwin’s knockout power and the fact that he wears 5XL gloves compared to Brocks 4XL have been big factors that had many believing Carwin had Brock’s number.

As the fight started, Carwin rocked Lesnar, taking control and pounding Brock’s face until he bled. At some points in this fight it seemed like the fight was definitely on the verge of being stopped, as Brock covered up as Shane kept punching away. Brock survived and got back to his feet to end round 1, and after the round was over it was apparent that Carwin had punched himself out and his stamina was pretty shot. Brock attacked, got Carwin on the ground, and locked him into a head and arm choke that caused the tap out. Brock was humble in his victory this time, being thankful for being alive at this point. Carwin was also humble and showed respect for Brock.

Many fans finally cheered Brock, as he motioned to them showing that he proved he has a chin. Many people up until this fight were still saying Brock had no chin, and would go down to Carwin. Now that Brock has shown he has a chin and can take on a real challenge and come out victorious, Brock remains at the top of the MMA world and now may have gained more respect from the MMA community than he ever has before. Next up will be Brock defending against Cain Velasquez, which no doubt will split MMA fans once again, but will once again prove that Brock Lesnar is still the number 1 draw in all of MMA, and is cementing his legendary status with every fight.

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