Saturday, June 12, 2010

WWE Releasing Bryan Danielson Real or Fake?

Yesterday it was announced that Bryan Danielson(Daniel Bryan) had been released from the WWE. Apaprently the reason was because Bryan choked Justin Roberts with his tie which is "too violent for PG". Also he spit on Cena which was edited out on replays of the incident. Choking opponents with rope like things has been banned since Benoit's death. Most of the higher ups say it is legit while most wrestlers believe it to be a work.

You decide I personally believe it to be real WWE is notorious for dropping the ball on amazing talent. Even worse is that if Danielson is fired he can't wrestler anywhere else for 90 days due to WWe's contract agreements.

Maybe Danielson is the one who gave Vince the black eye and bruising? Hmmmmm.

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Justin Roberts fail


  1. If this is real, the NXT invasion angle has already been ruined. If its a work, I will gladly be worked...but don't ruin this great angle over some stupid shit.

  2. The sheer brutality that Daniel Bryan displayed on Monday was great. Maybe Vince is fucking with the IWC again like when he made Daniel bryan lose all his NXT matches.

  3. If he was in that much of deep shit, why did they wait all week to fire him? And why let him appear at this weeks house show? Also, when was the last time an announcement on someones release made in the middle of the night on a weekend?

  4. Vince is a sick bastard but god dammit if I don't love the man

  5. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fu vince work pleaaaaaase