Sunday, June 20, 2010

Who Should Undertaker's Next Wrestlemania Opponent Be

I want to hear your opinions on who you think Undertaker should face at the next Wrestlemania. Here are my choices and why:

Chris Jericho-Two of the top people in the company going at it on the grandest stage of the all. I have to say if anyone had a chance to break the streak it'd be Chris Jericho(in a kayfabe sense of course before you call me a mark).

CM Punk-CM Punk the current top heel in the company (Jericho being #2) could have a great match with the Undertaker and reignite their old feud.

Triple H(rematch)-Lets face it nobody really remembers their match from Wrestlemania X-Seven. Both of these guys are nearing the end of their career and they can definitely put on a memorable match (not Michaels vs Taker but close).

Last but not least

John Cena-I'm probaly alone here but I'd love to see Cena vs Taker. As much as people despise Cena I do want to see the companies top 2 babyfaces duke it out. If Cena breaks the streak a riot is sure to ensure.

This is just a short article I wanted to put. I'm not going to be watching Fatal Four Way (because the card is shit) but I will put my predictions up after I post this.


  1. Undertaker and Triple H
    Undertaker and Chris Jericho

  2. You can post people u want to see vs Undertaker who aren't on my list also.

  3. undertaker versus steve austin..legend versus legend match..........

  4. I feel like The Undertaker should face John Cena at the next Wrestlemania. Let's face it, that would be a classic match, being that John Cena is the top superstar on Raw and The Underaker is top superstar on Smackdown.

  5. it should be the undertaker vs chris jericho or cm punk(coz he'z new n' currently leader of Nexus)wm 27,also it should be triple h who faces the deadman,for the fued to be revive after a decade(wm17 to wm27),the undertaker should won it n' then next yrs wm28 should be undertaker's final wm n' first loss against the final frontier john cena-who finally break the streak n' made the deadman R.I.P!

  6. wrestlemania 28 or 29 should either be taker vs rock,goldberg,lesnar or shawn micheals for 1 more match something epic goldberg has never been pinned so streak vs never being pinnedwud be huge! but its unlikely it will be goldberg more like dreamland lol