What’s Going On In Wrestling

Some of this news may be a few days late so sorry for the delay (internet problems).

-Undertaker suffered an orbital bone injury during his match with Mysterio that is reportedly going to keep him out of the Fatal Four Way Match. He had the same injury in a match against Mabel where Mabel and Yokozuna took turns leg dropping on Taker’s face.

-Homicide and Angle are nursing some bruised ribs.

-WWE is doing a storyline to keep Orton out of the Fatal Four Way match due to his shoulder injury.

-Chris Jericho is going to host a new ABC show named Downfall

-McMahon returned to Raw last Monday but announced to his stockholders that he will most likely not partake in any ring action.

-Cena posted some twitter comments regarding NXT rookie Kaval (Low Ki)

Once I fix this lag I’ll post a proper article I still have about 4-5 ideas for future articles. The first possibly being a NXT Season 2 Rookie Review but I may hold off on that until the first episode.

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