What Is Going On In Wrestling?

-Shad Gaspard has possibly been sent back to FCW after his horrible solo push. He has been appearing at FCW shows.

-A few WWE Superstars are at E3 including Cody Rhodes, The Miz (with his new belt), Eve Torres, and HOF Dusty Rhodes

-WWe had trademarked the name “Showtime” Percy Watson

-Dolph Ziggler has said to his Twitter followers after being asked to sign a Daniel Bryan petition
“Why would I sign a petition to bring back someone who never even made it to the WWE roster??? Idiots….

-WWE’s Michelle Mccool and Vickie Guerrero responded to WWE alleged copying of the Beautiful People with Laycool
Michelle tweeted that she doesn’t watch TNA
Vickie tweeted that she does not watch nor will support TNA ever

Yeah right Michelle doesn’t watch TNA I wonder who she learned the Faithbreaker from? hmmm probaly Abyss(joking)

-Chris Masters opened up a twitter (i doubt anyone cares just reporting it) http://twitter.com/masterlockwwe

-Booker T did an interview found here http://slam.canoe.ca/Slam/Wrestling/
He discusses joining the WWE, his relationship with TNA, and the indies

-Jim Ross blogged that Mr.McMahon would never take orders from someone outside the company so that throws that theory out of the water.

-Here is AJ Styles on his new action figure http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mP518cuHLbs&feature=player_embedded
The youtube channel has interviews with other TNA stars such as Jay Lethal

-Chris Jericho interview http://open.salon.com/blog/bob_calhoun/2010/06/15/break_the_walls_down_chris_jericho_speaks

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