TNA Slammiversary Predictions

Brother Ray vs Jesse Neal

I’m gonna say Jesse Neal to help him get over.

Desmond Wolfe vs Abyss Monsters Ball Match

Desmond Wolfe simply because he needs a god damn win.

AJ Styles vs Jay Lethal

I want Lethal to win because I love the guy but knowing TNA AJ will win.

Kurt Angle vs Kazarian

Angle’s first PPV match back no way he’ll lose.

Jeff Hardy and Mr.Anderson vs Beer Money

Jeff Hardy and Anderson

Madison Rayne vs Roxxi TNA Knockout’s Championship


Hernandez vs Matt Morgan

Gotta give it up to Supermex

Doug Williams vs Brian Kendrick TNA X Division Championship

Doug Williams I don’t foresee great things for Kendrick in TNA.

RVD vs Sting TNA World Heavyweight Championship

RVD of course

Slammiversary has a decent card but why is Sting still in the world title scene. Why isn’t the Global championship being defended? This is exactly why no one takes it seriously.

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