Friday, June 25, 2010

TNA Might Lose Kurt Angle

While I am still treating this as a rumor. Apparently, Mr Kurt Angle is feeling a bit battered and bruised. My sources tell me that Kurt has been overheard complaining in the locker rooms that TNA might be seeing his back soon. Say it isn't so Kurt. You and Booker T are the only two wrestlers in TNA that can actually wrestle. Please, please don't go.

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  1. Not sure where you get your sources but from what I've read Kurt recently said he plans to retire in TNA and stay on to help the young guys and book matches

  2. I didnt think we would get any writers DUMBER than Cheky and his butt buddy but holy fuck.

    Dear Mr. "I Say What I Want" you will notice youve been removed from having access to write on this blog. Take a good guess as to why.


  3. Your sources should have told you Booker T has been gone from TNA for 6 months.......horrible.

  4. Booker T wrestled RVD at a TNA house show because AJ couldn't make it and he lived close but he is not under contract by TNA nor in anyway affliated with TNA