Thing’s TNA Needs To Get Back On It’s Feet

TNA has had a lot of problems as of late so here are some things I believe TNA needs to do to turn itself around. Now remember these ideas are strictly my own.

1. Salvage what remains of The Monster Abyss

TNA fucked up big time with the Abyss-Hogan storyline. They basically tried to turn the guy who a few years ago was in straitjackets carrying a chain and thumbtacks around into a Hogan rehash. Maybe it’s just me but I haven’t seen many “Abyssamaniac’s” in the crowd. Abyss doesn’t need to turn heel either he could be just fine as a tweener or hell a babyface like Mankind used to be. They are making the same mistake WWE made however removing the monster from their roster or as I like to call it the “Kane Syndrome”.

2. Pick a top babyface already

TNA was doing great with having AJ Styles being the top babyface. However like Abyss they managed to screw it up in a few weeks but instead of rehashing Hogan they rehashed Flair. AJ Styles is a terrible heel his main draw is his amazing wrestling skills (hence the nickname). Styles cannot cut a promo unless he pretends to be another wrestler in this case Ric Flair. Styles should be kept babyface with a mouthpiece.

3. Bring back the six-sided ring

I’ll admit I wasn’t a fan of the six sides until it was gone. It set TNA apart from every other wrestling company by offering a new dimension. Imagine never seeing a wrestling match in your life and there are 3 wrestling shows on atm. For the example lets use WWE, TNA, and ROH. You flip through each one but one is not like the other. The six sided ring immediately catches your eye because it is different.

4. Stop giving Pay Per View quality matches for free

I’m a little torn on this one because as a fan I love great matches on free TV however from a bussiness standpoint it is a horrible idea. Matches like the rematch of AJ Styles and Kurt Angle, AJ Styles vs RVD, and even the main event of tonight’s impact Matt Morgan, Samoa Joe, RVD, and Sting. While it’s ok to give the fans a taste TNA has to be careful with this.

5. Stop showing Bischoff every 5 minutes

While I will say TNA has fixed this in the past few weeks and hopefully it stays that way. From the day Bischoff joined TNA to around 2-3 weeks ago basically every show features him around 10+ times. Don’t get me wrong I love Bischoff but he doesn’t need to be featured in every segment.

6. Get rid of the Orlando Jordan gimmick

I have not met one person who likes this gimmick. Anyone who has seen Orlando Jordan for more then 5 seconds on TNA knows what’s wrong get rid of it TNA.

7. Overdoing Blood

TNA really wanted to rub the fact that they allow blading in WWE’s face. TNA is really pushing into the overdoing it category. I believe blood should be reserved for either stipulation no DQ matches or strictly the main event.

8. Give the Tag Titles To Someone Who Deserves It

I’ve said it a million times so I won’t rant too much but take the titles off the Band if the Motor City Machineguns get booked to lose another World Title Match fans will probaly lose it. Just give them the titles already it’s been how many years?

9. The Global Championship

The Global Championship should be TNA’s Intercontinental Championship. It should be a stepping stone used by younger guys to move to the main event.

10. Add another male singles title

Nothing really to say here but TNA needs another male singles title or they need to reduce their roster.

11. Bring the X Division Back

While I do thing the X Division title should be a stepping stone to the world title scene as well I think the X Division should go back to being what it was meant to be. A seperate division for these high-flyers to compete basically.

12. Remove the Knockout’s Tag Titles

Unless TNA brings in a new wave of Knockout’s (which they don’t need to do because their roster is overflowing as it is) they really should just get rid of them.

13. Get Rid of That Retarded Fucking Ramp

One of my main pet peeves about TNA is how ridiculous their entrance ramp is. I mean just look at it. It severely limits their movement outside the ring, it limits where they can be thrown over the ropes at, and it just looks stupid.

14. Give Matt Morgan a world title run

Judging by some of the earlier polls a lot of fans agree that Matt Morgan is way overdue for a title shot.

15. Stop the Lethal v Flair feud

Jay Lethal finally broke free of the Machoismo gimmick and his first feud is with Flair. Just stop it.

16. Make Some Roster Cuts

TNA reportedly is going to do this because of budget issues but Dixie Carter is being reluctant.

17. Give Samoa Joe something to do at Slammiversary

Nothing more to say.


18. Put the Pope back in the main event scene when he heals

Nothing can stall a push like an injury (except horrible booking) and the Pope is no stranger. Hopefully TNA can pick up the pieces and bring him back into the spotlight however I can’t see him winning the world title for a while now that RVD is the top babyface in the title run basically.

Well those are my thoughts I know this post will generate a lot of troll heat so I’m prepared to discuss it in the comments or on the message boards IN AN INTELLIGENT AND MEANINGFUL WAY (i can’t stress this enough).

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