Thursday, June 24, 2010

Something to Hold The Readers Over

Sorry for no articles for the past few days to our readers been busy with a lot of stuff. I'll have probaly 2 up by tommrow but until then I wanted to share something. I introduce a promotion called DDT or Dramatic Dream Team.
They basically focus on the story/comedic aspects on wrestling. I've been checking out some of their work and it's quite entertaining. You know you're a good wrestler when you can make a match with a blow-up doll seem entertaining.

Kota Ibushi vs YOSHIHIKO

It's so silly you can't help but crack a smile.
There is also the Invisible Man

and President Ramu who I swear is Undertaker's daughter.

If you're looking for wrestling that doesn't take itself too seriously and just looking to entertain. Check it out.

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  1. You are aware of this thing called EMBED right? Its where instead of having to click all the links and go to youtube to watch this shit, I can watch them right here on this site.