Friday, June 4, 2010

So TNA Who Needs To Go

In my last article I talked multiple times about how TNA is overflowing with it's roster and it is unlikely they are getting a second show soon so it's time for some budget cuts.

1. Eric Young-He's just uninteresting, he can't cut a promo and his voice is annoying to listen to. He's been through some failed gimmicks like "Super Eric" and really isn't that great of a wrestler.

2. Orlando Jordan-Either give him a new gimmick or release him.

3. Tomko-When is the last time this guy has won a match?

4. Dr. Stevie-Either give him Daffney has a valet when she returns or release him.

5. Rhino and Raven-Either give them some TV time or just release them.

6. Scott Hall and Sean Waltman-You all know my reasons.

I fear that Homicide and Shark Boy will be released although I do not want them to go. If TNA fixes the X Division they can be great to have back on TV.

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  1. Get rid of Scott Hall but be sure and keep Shark Boy....I wonder why they don't hire you....aside from that being the biggest mark suggestion ever.

  2. Mark suggestion huh? Alright lets count the reasons why Scott Hall should go.

    1. He got arrested while being 1/3rd of the tag champs

    2. He's in his 50's

    3. He is years past his prime

    4. He (like Seat Waltman) is unreliable

    5. He moves like a turtle in the ring, Nash and Young do the heavy lifting

    6. The fans don't care about Hall anymore

    So yeah that was a total mark suggestion.

  3. Scott Hall has generated millions and millions of dollars in the business for years, and is one of the most recognizable faces in the business to even casual fans..........Just because the marks in Orlando don't cheer him doesn't mean fans don't care. But Shark Boy......YEAH he's done HUGE business. Yeah, mark.

  4. Scott Hall generated money years ago when he was in the NWO. After WCW fell apart nobody cared for Scott Hall even when WWE reformed the NWO. So keep trying to call me a mark but you and I both know Scott Hall's career is done. Lastly I never said Sharkboy was huge, I think he's a decent wrestler who should be in the X Division assuming TNA fixes it.