So TNA Who Needs To Go

In my last article I talked multiple times about how TNA is overflowing with it’s roster and it is unlikely they are getting a second show soon so it’s time for some budget cuts.

1. Eric Young-He’s just uninteresting, he can’t cut a promo and his voice is annoying to listen to. He’s been through some failed gimmicks like “Super Eric” and really isn’t that great of a wrestler.

2. Orlando Jordan-Either give him a new gimmick or release him.

3. Tomko-When is the last time this guy has won a match?

4. Dr. Stevie-Either give him Daffney has a valet when she returns or release him.

5. Rhino and Raven-Either give them some TV time or just release them.

6. Scott Hall and Sean Waltman-You all know my reasons.

I fear that Homicide and Shark Boy will be released although I do not want them to go. If TNA fixes the X Division they can be great to have back on TV.

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