NXT Season 2 Rookie Rankings

I’m going to rank the NXT rookies. Who there pros are will have an effect on their rating as well.

8. Titus O’Neil/Zack Rider

This guy has yet to impress. He has low tier mic skills and I wasn’t too impressed with his in ring performance. His pro is barely even a pro as well.

7. Eli Cottonwood/John Morrison

Morrison really got the short end of the stick. While Cottonwood has a good look his mic skills are only a bit better than Titus’. Eli needs to be extremely aggresive in the ring and if he does plus works on his mic skills I can see him as a monster heel.

6. Lucky Cannon/Mark Henry

This guy I can foresee as a low tier midcarder. He doesn’t have the “It” factor. I didn’t bring him down because of Mark Henry because I believe Henry to be a decent pro. He has been in the WWE a long time and could teach the kid a lot about non-ring stuff such as the politics that go on backstage.

5. Michael McGilicutty(Joe fucking Hennig)/Kofi Kingston

I’m just going to call him Joe Hennig from now on that name is horrible. Kofi is a solid pro not really much to say on that. Joe has decent in-ring skills and decent mic skills (although I am disappointed he doesn’t use the perfect-Plex as his finisher). For those wondering he chose his name because he didn’t want to be seen just as Mr.Perfect’s son.

4. Husky Harris/Cody Rhodes

I laughed when I first saw Husky I couldn’t see him making it past first elimination. However after his first match I gotta say I’m impressed. While his mic skills are mediocre I like his in-ring style. As he said himself he moves the way a person his size shouldn’t sort of like Samoa Joe/Vader (if you don’t believe me look up the Vadersault). I look forward to seeing him.

3. Percy Watson/MVP

These 2 are a really good pair. While many people will bash Percy for the glasses and thing he does with his teeth I didn’t notice them after a while. This is a guy just oozing with charisma. He likes to put on a show and play to the crowd which is important. We haven’t heard much from him on the mic but I foresee good things.

2. Kaval/Laycool

Laycool being Kaval’s pro is an interesting turn. It provides some comedy relief with them praising him while he is annoyed. Kaval is an incredible indy wrestler and he didn’t disappoint last Tuesday. He and Alex Riley but on a great match I just wish it went on for 2-3 more minutes. Kaval has very good mic skills but excells in punishing his opponents in the ring with his kicks. I still wonder how the hell he does his finisher without breaking an ankle or crushing someone’s chest.

1. Alex Riley/The Miz

Possible the most perfect pairing we’ll ever get in NXT history. If Riley wins I hope they form a tag team. Alex Riley is the current FCW Heavyweight Champion which is strange I figured they’d have him drop it. Riley has everything great mic skills, great ring skills, and a gimmick that can stand out. His gimmick is basically a cocky jock who wears his high school jacket. I read at one point in FCW he had a prom queen valet. If he moves to the main roster I hope to see that return.

Well those are my thoughts on the rookies.

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