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-Dave Batista is looking to become an MMA fighter and claims he already has his first fight setup. Batista is 41 so not sure if this is going to work.

-Chris Jericho tweeted “Had the best match I’ve had in months tonight. Bourne is the real deal I must destroy him.”

-Sheamus is the 100th WWE Champion

-Cena tweeted about getting beatdown by the NXT rookies at Fatal Four Way saying this is a battle he feels is unwinnable

-After the Fatal Four Way went off the air Cena got on the mic to talk to the crowd about the NXT rookies. He promised to take on all seven of them until they fall. Apparently he also said “I hope those sons of bitches show up tommrow.” I’m sure all the mothers in the crowd will be sending in waves of complaints!!!

For some entertainment here is Batista punking out a Cena fanboy

Wrestling News

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