Friday, June 18, 2010

The Monster Abyss Has Finally Returned

Finally after months of complaints TNA has delivered. The monster Abyss appears to be back after last night's impact. Abyss was acting weird all night and after a triple countout in the match began to brutally attack Mr.Anderson and Jeff Hardy. He slammed Anderson on some glass (fake or real I have no idea) and put hardy through a table. Hogan came out to ask what Abyss was doing with Abyss only responding:


Many fans are hoping that Abyssamania is finally dead and buried. After a horrible face push we can only pray that the monster gets a proper heel run.

Here is a video of the attack

Post what you think about Abyss' heel turn in the comments and watch Smackdown tonight. Later.


  1. This angle is leading to the "higher power" angle that is about to go down......will it truly be Heyman? It is make or break time for TNA, and they either do it now or fail huge.

  2. A good theory I heard was that Abyss was the deception Sting has been talking about. Abyss has been decieving Hogan and the other babyfaces. I bet TNA manages to screw this up

  3. If u read spoilers for next week, Abyss says "they" told him to do it, and they are coming to TNA, and NO one can stop them......not Hogan.......not Bischoff.....

  4. Nah I havent seen next weeks spoilers