Saturday, June 26, 2010

Money in the Bank Predictions

Here are the Superstars I believe will go in the Raw/Smackdown MITB's. If Miz or Kofi loses their titles expect them to be in it but because they have them now I will not be including them.


Evan Bourne

John Morrison


Ted DiBiase

Zack Ryder

Yoshi Tatsu(probaly not)

Santino(probaly not)

Chris Jericho(probaly not)

Other then that I can only think of Nexus members who would be there such as

Heath Slater

Justin Gabriel

If this happens I expect Evan Bourne or Morrison to win. There will most likely be a face who wins to challenge Sheamus at some point.



Dolph Ziggler

Chavo Guerrero


Matt Hardy


Drew McIntyre

Cody Rhodes

Smackdown was easier to do because of their abudance of mid-carders. Matt Hardy claims (in a video he has recently done) that his time is coming in the next few months but I really can't see him holding a world title. I really don't understand the IWC's obession with Hardy I personally believe he is past his prime. My money is on Christian or Dolph to get the briefcase. Christian should've won the briefcase at Wrestlemania he had all the momentum from his ECW title reign. Dolph looks like he is getting a push.

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  1. i personaly disagree to your smackdown predictions cause as you said matt hardy had his video but i can see him holding the world title because of how long and how much he gave to WWE. like he said on his twitter account he might move on to something new(perhaps TNA with his brother) so maybe they going to give him a run to keep him in WWE

  2. I think your an idiot and this blog sucks ninja ass

  3. Kind of ironic because the correct form is you're. As for anonymous #1 I agree I think Matt is planning on going to TNA soon. I doubt TNA will give him a world title either though especially since they most likely would've given the title to Jeff over RVD if he didnt have a court case

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