Fatal Four Way Predictions

As stated earlier I will not be watching it because I think the match card sucks but I’ll post it anyway but first I have to ask. Why aren’t any of the younger guys in the main events. Everyone in the world title matches has been a champion before. Finally a PPV where you get fit a new guy into one of the matches (Sheamus doesn’t count) and they have the same ole people.

Secondly I am interested to hear Bret’s response to his attack last Monday. One last thing why the fuck are the Diva’s getting a Fatal Four Way match but the two midcarder titles are singles. WWE did a good job with the Fatal Four Way poster the Viper eyes really makes it.

On to the predictions:

Hart Dynasty(c) vs The Uso’s Unified Tag Team Championships

This is just a rumor it probaly will not happen because they had a match at FCW which Hart Dynasty won but if it does happen I say Hart Dynasty.

Winner: Hart Dynasty

Kofi Kingston vs Drew McIntyre Intercontinental Championship

I would’ve loved to see Ziggler and Hardy added in but whatever. Match will be carried by Kofi with Drew being as bland as ever.

Winner: Kofi

The Miz vs R-Truth United States Championship

The match where R-Truth won the title was amazing and the Fatal Four Way last Monday was even better. Expect this to be a great match.

Winner: The Miz

Eve Torres(c) vs Gail Kim vs Maryse vs Alicia Fox Diva’s Championship

I don’t care.

Winner: Maryse

Jack Swagger(c) vs CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio vs The Big Show World Heavyweight Championship

I gotta say this is a tough one for me. Big Show isn’t going to win but I can’t decide between the last 3.

Winner: I’ll go with Swagger he needs a win to become credible if he hopes to head into Summerslam as champ.

John Cena(c) vs Sheamus vs Edge vs Randy Orton

Rumor is Sheamus is going to be champion going into Summerslam but I doubt it. I can’t see Edge getting another title run for a while and I dunno wth is going on with Orton.

Winner: Super Cena

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