Dos Caras Jr Planning to Make His WWE Debut

Finally Dos Caras Jr will be joining the WWE main roster. Sadly he will not be using his trademark mask (i guess he won’t be until Mysterio is gone). He will be using the name Alberto Del Rio and from the looks of his promo he will be a heel. I fear that he will not get over with the crowd and end up being a waste due to poor booking. Only time will tell here is his debut promo reminds me sort of the promos Carlito used to do before his debut. With Mysterio’s backstage problems WWE really needs to groom a new Mexican star to take his place. Reportedly they only gave Mysterio the WHC to stop him from taking time off because Undertaker was injured so he needed to stay. Also to please him about his recent disputes over pay. I haven’t seen many matches of Dos Caras but I hear he can basically do all the cruiserweight moves Mysterio can while being 200+ pounds.

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