Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Breaking News: CM Punk Out 4-8 Weeks

CM Punk had surgery on his arm and will be out from 4-8 weeks. Looks like he'll be missing the PPV sadly.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Undertaker Remarries and the NEXUS Takes A Huge Hit

-Michelle Mccool and Undertaker have finally tied the knot. They've been dating since 2007 and have both been in previous marriages. They had a private ceremony in Houston, Texas with friends and family. Some guests included Sharmell, Tara(Victoria), and Torrie Wilson. Before anyone brings up Sara, yes Undertaker was married to a woman named Sara but if you've noticed the tattoo of her name on his neck is gone.

-Sharmell and Booker T are expecting twins.

-According to my sources Drew McIntyre's and Wade Barret's VISA's have legitimately expired. Barret was sent back to Great Britain and there is no timetable for his return. His absence was explained on tonight's Raw. McIntyre is still believed to be in the US but probaly won't be for long. First the Daniel Bryan incident now this. Barret was basically the leader and speaker of the group without him around this storyline can only go downhill.

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Miz vs Heckler E3

Very hilarious I think Miz handled the situation very well.

Bryan Danielson Speaks After His First Post-WWE Match

Danielson had a match with Eddie Kingston which I heard was very good.

Just wanted to throw this up Danielson seemed to be very moved when he first came into the arena everyone in the audience stood up for him. A lot of fans brought ties for him to sign after the match.

An article over at Wrestlinginc was written by someone who attended the event I'd check it out

I'll probaly have a new article up tommorow.

WWE News

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Money in the Bank Predictions

Here are the Superstars I believe will go in the Raw/Smackdown MITB's. If Miz or Kofi loses their titles expect them to be in it but because they have them now I will not be including them.


Evan Bourne

John Morrison


Ted DiBiase

Zack Ryder

Yoshi Tatsu(probaly not)

Santino(probaly not)

Chris Jericho(probaly not)

Other then that I can only think of Nexus members who would be there such as

Heath Slater

Justin Gabriel

If this happens I expect Evan Bourne or Morrison to win. There will most likely be a face who wins to challenge Sheamus at some point.



Dolph Ziggler

Chavo Guerrero


Matt Hardy


Drew McIntyre

Cody Rhodes

Smackdown was easier to do because of their abudance of mid-carders. Matt Hardy claims (in a video he has recently done) that his time is coming in the next few months but I really can't see him holding a world title. I really don't understand the IWC's obession with Hardy I personally believe he is past his prime. My money is on Christian or Dolph to get the briefcase. Christian should've won the briefcase at Wrestlemania he had all the momentum from his ECW title reign. Dolph looks like he is getting a push.

Post your predictions below and visit our message boards at

Dos Caras Jr Planning to Make His WWE Debut

Finally Dos Caras Jr will be joining the WWE main roster. Sadly he will not be using his trademark mask (i guess he won't be until Mysterio is gone). He will be using the name Alberto Del Rio and from the looks of his promo he will be a heel. I fear that he will not get over with the crowd and end up being a waste due to poor booking. Only time will tell here is his debut promo reminds me sort of the promos Carlito used to do before his debut. With Mysterio's backstage problems WWE really needs to groom a new Mexican star to take his place. Reportedly they only gave Mysterio the WHC to stop him from taking time off because Undertaker was injured so he needed to stay. Also to please him about his recent disputes over pay. I haven't seen many matches of Dos Caras but I hear he can basically do all the cruiserweight moves Mysterio can while being 200+ pounds.

WWE Rumors

Friday, June 25, 2010

TNA Might Lose Kurt Angle

While I am still treating this as a rumor. Apparently, Mr Kurt Angle is feeling a bit battered and bruised. My sources tell me that Kurt has been overheard complaining in the locker rooms that TNA might be seeing his back soon. Say it isn't so Kurt. You and Booker T are the only two wrestlers in TNA that can actually wrestle. Please, please don't go.

Pro Wrestling Rumors

New Daniel Bryan News

Many WWE fans were upset over the sudden departure of NXT Rookie Daniel Bryan. Well my really reliable sources tell me that WWE exect;s (Vince Mcmahon) are considering bringing the awesome Mr Bryan back. Apparently the many fan signs that are calling for his return as well as the passionate letter from PETA has softened old Vince's heart (Maybe I am exaggerating). Hopefully Bryan will come back soon enough to make us want to continue to watch Raw. I mean how many other wrestler are thereleft to face John Cena.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Something to Hold The Readers Over

Sorry for no articles for the past few days to our readers been busy with a lot of stuff. I'll have probaly 2 up by tommrow but until then I wanted to share something. I introduce a promotion called DDT or Dramatic Dream Team.
They basically focus on the story/comedic aspects on wrestling. I've been checking out some of their work and it's quite entertaining. You know you're a good wrestler when you can make a match with a blow-up doll seem entertaining.

Kota Ibushi vs YOSHIHIKO

It's so silly you can't help but crack a smile.
There is also the Invisible Man

and President Ramu who I swear is Undertaker's daughter.

If you're looking for wrestling that doesn't take itself too seriously and just looking to entertain. Check it out.

See you all later. Visit our message boards at

Monday, June 21, 2010

More Wrestling News

-Dave Batista is looking to become an MMA fighter and claims he already has his first fight setup. Batista is 41 so not sure if this is going to work.

-Chris Jericho tweeted "Had the best match I've had in months tonight. Bourne is the real deal I must destroy him."

-Sheamus is the 100th WWE Champion

-Cena tweeted about getting beatdown by the NXT rookies at Fatal Four Way saying this is a battle he feels is unwinnable

-After the Fatal Four Way went off the air Cena got on the mic to talk to the crowd about the NXT rookies. He promised to take on all seven of them until they fall. Apparently he also said "I hope those sons of bitches show up tommrow." I'm sure all the mothers in the crowd will be sending in waves of complaints!!!

For some entertainment here is Batista punking out a Cena fanboy

Wrestling News

Fatal Four Way Results-Celtic Warrior Rising!

Zack Ryder def. MVP Dark Match

Kofi Kingston(c) def. Drew McIntyre Intercontinental Championship

Alicia Fox def. Gail Kim, Maryse, and Eve Torres(c) Diva's Championship

Evan Bourne def. Chris Jericho

Rey Mysterio def. Jack Swagger(c), CM Punk, and The Big Show

The Miz(c) def. R-Truth United States Championship

The Hart Dynasty(c) def. The Uso's Unified Tag Team Championship (this match was 6 man it had the girls in it too)

Sheamus def. John Cena(c), Edge, and Randy Orton

What are my thoughts on the results? My main question is who would've had the WHC if Taker never got injured. I'm glad to see Sheamus and Mysterio with the titles again they'll probaly keep them past Summerslam. Evan Bourne is getting a huge push hopefully he challenges the Miz. Kofi winning was no surprise. Now it is time for the Celtic Warrior to rise again. Time to get Sheamus a title run where he looks credible.

The NXT rookies attacked R-Truth and the Hart Dynasty backstage before attacking Cena, Orton, and Edge allowing Sheamus to sneak in for the win.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fatal Four Way Predictions

As stated earlier I will not be watching it because I think the match card sucks but I'll post it anyway but first I have to ask. Why aren't any of the younger guys in the main events. Everyone in the world title matches has been a champion before. Finally a PPV where you get fit a new guy into one of the matches (Sheamus doesn't count) and they have the same ole people.

Secondly I am interested to hear Bret's response to his attack last Monday. One last thing why the fuck are the Diva's getting a Fatal Four Way match but the two midcarder titles are singles. WWE did a good job with the Fatal Four Way poster the Viper eyes really makes it.

On to the predictions:

Hart Dynasty(c) vs The Uso's Unified Tag Team Championships

This is just a rumor it probaly will not happen because they had a match at FCW which Hart Dynasty won but if it does happen I say Hart Dynasty.

Winner: Hart Dynasty

Kofi Kingston vs Drew McIntyre Intercontinental Championship

I would've loved to see Ziggler and Hardy added in but whatever. Match will be carried by Kofi with Drew being as bland as ever.

Winner: Kofi

The Miz vs R-Truth United States Championship

The match where R-Truth won the title was amazing and the Fatal Four Way last Monday was even better. Expect this to be a great match.

Winner: The Miz

Eve Torres(c) vs Gail Kim vs Maryse vs Alicia Fox Diva's Championship

I don't care.

Winner: Maryse

Jack Swagger(c) vs CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio vs The Big Show World Heavyweight Championship

I gotta say this is a tough one for me. Big Show isn't going to win but I can't decide between the last 3.

Winner: I'll go with Swagger he needs a win to become credible if he hopes to head into Summerslam as champ.

John Cena(c) vs Sheamus vs Edge vs Randy Orton

Rumor is Sheamus is going to be champion going into Summerslam but I doubt it. I can't see Edge getting another title run for a while and I dunno wth is going on with Orton.

Winner: Super Cena

Those are my predictions post yours below. Visit Our Message Boards At

Who Should Undertaker's Next Wrestlemania Opponent Be

I want to hear your opinions on who you think Undertaker should face at the next Wrestlemania. Here are my choices and why:

Chris Jericho-Two of the top people in the company going at it on the grandest stage of the all. I have to say if anyone had a chance to break the streak it'd be Chris Jericho(in a kayfabe sense of course before you call me a mark).

CM Punk-CM Punk the current top heel in the company (Jericho being #2) could have a great match with the Undertaker and reignite their old feud.

Triple H(rematch)-Lets face it nobody really remembers their match from Wrestlemania X-Seven. Both of these guys are nearing the end of their career and they can definitely put on a memorable match (not Michaels vs Taker but close).

Last but not least

John Cena-I'm probaly alone here but I'd love to see Cena vs Taker. As much as people despise Cena I do want to see the companies top 2 babyfaces duke it out. If Cena breaks the streak a riot is sure to ensure.

This is just a short article I wanted to put. I'm not going to be watching Fatal Four Way (because the card is shit) but I will put my predictions up after I post this.

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Monster Abyss Has Finally Returned

Finally after months of complaints TNA has delivered. The monster Abyss appears to be back after last night's impact. Abyss was acting weird all night and after a triple countout in the match began to brutally attack Mr.Anderson and Jeff Hardy. He slammed Anderson on some glass (fake or real I have no idea) and put hardy through a table. Hogan came out to ask what Abyss was doing with Abyss only responding:


Many fans are hoping that Abyssamania is finally dead and buried. After a horrible face push we can only pray that the monster gets a proper heel run.

Here is a video of the attack

Post what you think about Abyss' heel turn in the comments and watch Smackdown tonight. Later.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

NXT Season 2 Rookie Rankings

I'm going to rank the NXT rookies. Who there pros are will have an effect on their rating as well.

8. Titus O'Neil/Zack Rider

This guy has yet to impress. He has low tier mic skills and I wasn't too impressed with his in ring performance. His pro is barely even a pro as well.

7. Eli Cottonwood/John Morrison

Morrison really got the short end of the stick. While Cottonwood has a good look his mic skills are only a bit better than Titus'. Eli needs to be extremely aggresive in the ring and if he does plus works on his mic skills I can see him as a monster heel.

6. Lucky Cannon/Mark Henry

This guy I can foresee as a low tier midcarder. He doesn't have the "It" factor. I didn't bring him down because of Mark Henry because I believe Henry to be a decent pro. He has been in the WWE a long time and could teach the kid a lot about non-ring stuff such as the politics that go on backstage.

5. Michael McGilicutty(Joe fucking Hennig)/Kofi Kingston

I'm just going to call him Joe Hennig from now on that name is horrible. Kofi is a solid pro not really much to say on that. Joe has decent in-ring skills and decent mic skills (although I am disappointed he doesn't use the perfect-Plex as his finisher). For those wondering he chose his name because he didn't want to be seen just as Mr.Perfect's son.

4. Husky Harris/Cody Rhodes

I laughed when I first saw Husky I couldn't see him making it past first elimination. However after his first match I gotta say I'm impressed. While his mic skills are mediocre I like his in-ring style. As he said himself he moves the way a person his size shouldn't sort of like Samoa Joe/Vader (if you don't believe me look up the Vadersault). I look forward to seeing him.

3. Percy Watson/MVP

These 2 are a really good pair. While many people will bash Percy for the glasses and thing he does with his teeth I didn't notice them after a while. This is a guy just oozing with charisma. He likes to put on a show and play to the crowd which is important. We haven't heard much from him on the mic but I foresee good things.

2. Kaval/Laycool

Laycool being Kaval's pro is an interesting turn. It provides some comedy relief with them praising him while he is annoyed. Kaval is an incredible indy wrestler and he didn't disappoint last Tuesday. He and Alex Riley but on a great match I just wish it went on for 2-3 more minutes. Kaval has very good mic skills but excells in punishing his opponents in the ring with his kicks. I still wonder how the hell he does his finisher without breaking an ankle or crushing someone's chest.

1. Alex Riley/The Miz

Possible the most perfect pairing we'll ever get in NXT history. If Riley wins I hope they form a tag team. Alex Riley is the current FCW Heavyweight Champion which is strange I figured they'd have him drop it. Riley has everything great mic skills, great ring skills, and a gimmick that can stand out. His gimmick is basically a cocky jock who wears his high school jacket. I read at one point in FCW he had a prom queen valet. If he moves to the main roster I hope to see that return.

Well those are my thoughts on the rookies.

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What Is Going On In Wrestling?

-Shad Gaspard has possibly been sent back to FCW after his horrible solo push. He has been appearing at FCW shows.

-A few WWE Superstars are at E3 including Cody Rhodes, The Miz (with his new belt), Eve Torres, and HOF Dusty Rhodes

-WWe had trademarked the name "Showtime" Percy Watson

-Dolph Ziggler has said to his Twitter followers after being asked to sign a Daniel Bryan petition
"Why would I sign a petition to bring back someone who never even made it to the WWE roster??? Idiots....

-WWE's Michelle Mccool and Vickie Guerrero responded to WWE alleged copying of the Beautiful People with Laycool
Michelle tweeted that she doesn't watch TNA
Vickie tweeted that she does not watch nor will support TNA ever

Yeah right Michelle doesn't watch TNA I wonder who she learned the Faithbreaker from? hmmm probaly Abyss(joking)

-Chris Masters opened up a twitter (i doubt anyone cares just reporting it)

-Booker T did an interview found here
He discusses joining the WWE, his relationship with TNA, and the indies

-Jim Ross blogged that Mr.McMahon would never take orders from someone outside the company so that throws that theory out of the water.

-Here is AJ Styles on his new action figure
The youtube channel has interviews with other TNA stars such as Jay Lethal

-Chris Jericho interview

Wrestling News Rumors

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Do you wanna Help Daniel Bryan?

I just found out about this site If you add your name, you give Daniel Bryan a shot back in WWE.

Upcoming Articles

-A NXT Season 2 Rookie Review

-Review of Undertaker's Deadliest Matches DVD (haven't watched it yet)

-Possibly a Sting Tribute

-A Look at some the great cruiserweights

-Going to go back to reviewing the shows this week

-A look at the Fatal Four Way card (after Smackdown)

-Another look at wrestlers not being unique anymore

-A look at the current heels of WWE (maybe TNA)

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Wrestling News- Scott Hall Fired and More

-So most of you may have heard that Scott Hall was finally released from TNA after his drunken shenningans. While I'm happy hopefully he gets himself cleaned up.

-The Daniel Bryan firing was explained away on the last Raw

-ODB also was released from TNA which is ashame because their women's division is getting smaller and smaller

Some matches for Smackdown

JTG vs Chavo

Dolph Ziggler vs Chris Masters

Big Show+Mysterio vs CM Punk and Swagger

Kelly Kelly vs Layla

Vance Archer and Curt Hawkins (who are now fully contracted) vs MVP and Christian

Superstars Results

Primo def Yoshi Tatsu

The Uso's def Mark Henry and Goldust

Kofi def Trent Barreta

-Chris Jericho has been recieving some heat from management about his hosting a new ABC TV show

-Edge is reportedly staring in WWE's next action-comedy Chasing The Hawk

-Zack Ryder recieved a concussion after that powerbomb to the floor by Morrison

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

TNA Slammiversary Results+Dixie Carters Surprise

The big surprise Dixie Carter kept secret was Tommy Dreamer who interfered in the Neal vs Bubba Ray match. So that means another old superstar to take the spotlight off the young guys (don't get me wrong i love Dreamer).

Kurt Angle defeated Kazarian

Doug Williams defeated Brian Kendrick X Division Title

Madison Rayne defeated Roxxi Title vs Career Knockouts Title (Roxxi was notified backstage before the match and was pissed it is speculated that the creative team had no ideas for her)

Jesse Neal defeated Bubba Ray(i hate calling him Brother Ray)

Matt Morgan defeated Hernandez by DQ

Abyss defeated Desmond Wolfe Monster's Ball Match

Jay Lethal defeated AJ Styles

The Enigmatic Assholes (i love that name Jeff Hardy+Mr.Anderson) defeated Beer Money

Rob Van Dam defeated Sting World Heavyweight Championship

So yeah pretty predictable outcome to the matches.

Pro Wrestling News

Sunday, June 13, 2010

An Update On Bryan Danielson Situation

Apparently the Cena and Justin Roberts spots that happened Monday caused complaints from someone outside the company but important (my guess is Linda McMahon). Most people are saying Danielson was a scapegoat. Danielson will most likely go back to indie shows after his 90 day clause is done and join TNA.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

TNA Slammiversary Predictions

Brother Ray vs Jesse Neal

I'm gonna say Jesse Neal to help him get over.

Desmond Wolfe vs Abyss Monsters Ball Match

Desmond Wolfe simply because he needs a god damn win.

AJ Styles vs Jay Lethal

I want Lethal to win because I love the guy but knowing TNA AJ will win.

Kurt Angle vs Kazarian

Angle's first PPV match back no way he'll lose.

Jeff Hardy and Mr.Anderson vs Beer Money

Jeff Hardy and Anderson

Madison Rayne vs Roxxi TNA Knockout's Championship


Hernandez vs Matt Morgan

Gotta give it up to Supermex

Doug Williams vs Brian Kendrick TNA X Division Championship

Doug Williams I don't foresee great things for Kendrick in TNA.

RVD vs Sting TNA World Heavyweight Championship

RVD of course

Slammiversary has a decent card but why is Sting still in the world title scene. Why isn't the Global championship being defended? This is exactly why no one takes it seriously.

WWE Releasing Bryan Danielson Real or Fake?

Yesterday it was announced that Bryan Danielson(Daniel Bryan) had been released from the WWE. Apaprently the reason was because Bryan choked Justin Roberts with his tie which is "too violent for PG". Also he spit on Cena which was edited out on replays of the incident. Choking opponents with rope like things has been banned since Benoit's death. Most of the higher ups say it is legit while most wrestlers believe it to be a work.

You decide I personally believe it to be real WWE is notorious for dropping the ball on amazing talent. Even worse is that if Danielson is fired he can't wrestler anywhere else for 90 days due to WWe's contract agreements.

Maybe Danielson is the one who gave Vince the black eye and bruising? Hmmmmm.

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Justin Roberts fail

WWE Releaces Promising NXT Season 1 Superstar

Daniel Bryan WWE has come to terms on the release of NXT first season rookie Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) as of today June 11, 2010. We wish Daniel Bryan the best in all future endeavors.

I personally believe it’s a work, but then again WWE always drops the ball. However we will see, what comes of this in days to come.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Video: The NXT Army Invades FCW

Yesterday we reported that the NXT army invaded FCW, and now there is a video of the events that took place involving Christian, The Miz, Heath Slater, Daniel Bryan, and eventually the rest of the NXT season 1 army. The Miz came off as a super face here and the crowd loved it, so if he ever turns face on RAW he will no doubt be way over. This was very well done and will hopefully air on RAW this Monday. The NXT group looks like it is already gaining a following, and the fans are loving this angle:

Thursday, June 10, 2010

NXT Rookies vs Pros Feud Continues and more News

At an FCW show the main event was going to be The Miz and Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson?) vs Christian and Heath Slater. Christian came out alone at first. Christian called Slater to the ring to ask why. Slater blames Christian for losing NXT and Daniel Bryan attacked Christian and the Miz came out to help. Miz asked Christian to become his partner so we had a pros vs rookies match. Before Miz and Christian could win the other Season 1 Rookies came out and laid them out and destroy the ring again. I'm excited to see what happens of Smackdown and Raw.

-Rumors are spreading about a Cena/Barret feud but they are unconfirmed

-Vince Mcmahon showed up to WWE's taping with a black eye and some cuts. Nobody knows what happened and Mr. Mcmahon isn't addressing it.

-The Matches for Tonights Impact
Homicide vs Brian Kendrick
Kurt Angle vs Amazing Red
Roxxi+Rosie Lottalove vs Velvet and Lacey
Beer Money, Desmond Wolfe, and Aj Styles vs Jay Lethal, Abyss, Jeff hardy, and Mr. Anderson has a new article on the Headbangers tag team

Pretty good article one of them trained the Big Show apparently

-Undertaker is going to be out for majority of the summer on injury. Oh sorry i mean he's going to be in a vegetative state for a while.

-Beth Phoenix was at the Smackdown taping so were members of the FCW

-In a dark match before NXT JTG beat Dos Caras
-In Dark Match after this weeks Smackdown tapings Big Show and Mysterio beat CM Punk and jack Swagger in a steel cage match


Monday, June 7, 2010

The nXt Invasion Has Begun!

Wow, it's been a long time since I've been excited to write about an angle that WWE has produced. RAW is just about the same thing every week, one big commercial for the next PPV, and the guys in the main event stand there looking at each other and holding up belts. Well not this week. WWE gave us a 3 hour viewers choice special, which was an OK change, but nothing earth shattering. The stuff they did with the A-Team was descent and the surprise appearances by legends like Roddy Piper and Dusty Rhodes always add to the show in my opinion. For the main event, viewers were given the opportunity to choose John Cena's opponent for the night, between Rey Mysterio, CM Punk, or Jack Swagger. Mysterio was the obvious choice, being by far the most popular, and just about every other viewers choice for the night went as expected. So the first surprise was that CM Punk was selected as the opponent. Whether it was Punks hardcore ROH type fan following, or whether WWE wanted it that way who knows. So it looked like we would get Cena winning, and probably facing off with his ppv opponents....but that's when things got interesting.

Enter Wade Barret (NXT season one winner,) who earlier had cut a promo saying that by this time next week, everyone would be talking about the accomplishment he would achieve that had never been done. So it looked like Barrett would challenge Cena, and step right ino the main event picture. This is when all hell broke loose. Suddenly we see other members of NXT season 1 appearing from the crowd all over the arena. Before we knew it, the NXT roster was jumping CM Punk, John Cena, the referee, Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole, ring announcers, Matt Stryker......EVERYone. The riot scene continued as the NXT group destroyed the ring and everything around it. The angle was great.....the crowd was genuinely concerned as Cena got his ass kicked by every member of the crew. It all seemed natural and real......a lost art in today's wrestling. Bodies were lying everywhere, as Wade Barrett stood tall with the NXT Army, as the whole group were brought to the next level in 1 segment. Daniel Bryan even spat in Cena's face after continuously yelling "I'm better than you!" The realism first used in the Michael Cole/Daniel Bryan feud was maximized here, as you had a group of legit pissed off guys deciding to take a stand and become stars on their own, not due to a joke of a game show.

Not since the nWo days have I seen such a segment that really got the people like this did......maybe the stars used weren't on the same level of Hogan/Hall/Nash.......but the impact with this can still be huge if WWE does this right being it is being done with a group of young guys. If WWE can run this as an invasion angle, with the NXT group lead by Barrett......then Barrett can definitely use it to step right into the title picture. And if WWE is now seeing that realistic serious angles like this are what people want, they are right. Give us a choice, don't force us to love Cena, we don't. Give us a group of rebels who won't take no for an answer, and if you tell them no they will kick youur ass and destroy the arena. WWE gets the first big thumbs up from me in years on this one.

NXT Rookies Gone Wild?

NXT Rookies went batshit crazy on Raw tonight. They came out beating on Cena, Punk, and Gallows. They competely dismantled the ring and announce table. They beat down staff as well. Raw really outdid themselves with this it would be nice to see a NXT Season 1 heel stable. I liked seeing all the orange shirts with sad faces when Cena got wheeled out on a stretcher.

Quick Thoughts On the Uso Brothers

Just wanted to do a quick article about my thoughts on the Uso Brothers. The Uso brothers are a new tag team that debuted 2 weeks ago in a sneak attack against the Hart Dynasty. Jay and Jimmy Uso are the sons of former WWE star Rikishi and their manager Tamina is the daughter of Jimmy Snuka. Last week they introduced themselves to the crowd. While the promo wasn't spectacular one thing I can say about this team is they have a certain swagger and cocky attitude which I love. Since the Dudebusters are failing (due to poor booking) the Uso's look like the first legitimate threat to the tag titles. Hopefully we get to see them in action tonight to judge their ring skills.

I'm going to be reviewing tonight's Raw by itself later.

Friday, June 4, 2010

So TNA Who Needs To Go

In my last article I talked multiple times about how TNA is overflowing with it's roster and it is unlikely they are getting a second show soon so it's time for some budget cuts.

1. Eric Young-He's just uninteresting, he can't cut a promo and his voice is annoying to listen to. He's been through some failed gimmicks like "Super Eric" and really isn't that great of a wrestler.

2. Orlando Jordan-Either give him a new gimmick or release him.

3. Tomko-When is the last time this guy has won a match?

4. Dr. Stevie-Either give him Daffney has a valet when she returns or release him.

5. Rhino and Raven-Either give them some TV time or just release them.

6. Scott Hall and Sean Waltman-You all know my reasons.

I fear that Homicide and Shark Boy will be released although I do not want them to go. If TNA fixes the X Division they can be great to have back on TV.

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Thing's TNA Needs To Get Back On It's Feet

TNA has had a lot of problems as of late so here are some things I believe TNA needs to do to turn itself around. Now remember these ideas are strictly my own.

1. Salvage what remains of The Monster Abyss

TNA fucked up big time with the Abyss-Hogan storyline. They basically tried to turn the guy who a few years ago was in straitjackets carrying a chain and thumbtacks around into a Hogan rehash. Maybe it's just me but I haven't seen many "Abyssamaniac's" in the crowd. Abyss doesn't need to turn heel either he could be just fine as a tweener or hell a babyface like Mankind used to be. They are making the same mistake WWE made however removing the monster from their roster or as I like to call it the "Kane Syndrome".

2. Pick a top babyface already

TNA was doing great with having AJ Styles being the top babyface. However like Abyss they managed to screw it up in a few weeks but instead of rehashing Hogan they rehashed Flair. AJ Styles is a terrible heel his main draw is his amazing wrestling skills (hence the nickname). Styles cannot cut a promo unless he pretends to be another wrestler in this case Ric Flair. Styles should be kept babyface with a mouthpiece.

3. Bring back the six-sided ring

I'll admit I wasn't a fan of the six sides until it was gone. It set TNA apart from every other wrestling company by offering a new dimension. Imagine never seeing a wrestling match in your life and there are 3 wrestling shows on atm. For the example lets use WWE, TNA, and ROH. You flip through each one but one is not like the other. The six sided ring immediately catches your eye because it is different.

4. Stop giving Pay Per View quality matches for free

I'm a little torn on this one because as a fan I love great matches on free TV however from a bussiness standpoint it is a horrible idea. Matches like the rematch of AJ Styles and Kurt Angle, AJ Styles vs RVD, and even the main event of tonight's impact Matt Morgan, Samoa Joe, RVD, and Sting. While it's ok to give the fans a taste TNA has to be careful with this.

5. Stop showing Bischoff every 5 minutes

While I will say TNA has fixed this in the past few weeks and hopefully it stays that way. From the day Bischoff joined TNA to around 2-3 weeks ago basically every show features him around 10+ times. Don't get me wrong I love Bischoff but he doesn't need to be featured in every segment.

6. Get rid of the Orlando Jordan gimmick

I have not met one person who likes this gimmick. Anyone who has seen Orlando Jordan for more then 5 seconds on TNA knows what's wrong get rid of it TNA.

7. Overdoing Blood

TNA really wanted to rub the fact that they allow blading in WWE's face. TNA is really pushing into the overdoing it category. I believe blood should be reserved for either stipulation no DQ matches or strictly the main event.

8. Give the Tag Titles To Someone Who Deserves It

I've said it a million times so I won't rant too much but take the titles off the Band if the Motor City Machineguns get booked to lose another World Title Match fans will probaly lose it. Just give them the titles already it's been how many years?

9. The Global Championship

The Global Championship should be TNA's Intercontinental Championship. It should be a stepping stone used by younger guys to move to the main event.

10. Add another male singles title

Nothing really to say here but TNA needs another male singles title or they need to reduce their roster.

11. Bring the X Division Back

While I do thing the X Division title should be a stepping stone to the world title scene as well I think the X Division should go back to being what it was meant to be. A seperate division for these high-flyers to compete basically.

12. Remove the Knockout's Tag Titles

Unless TNA brings in a new wave of Knockout's (which they don't need to do because their roster is overflowing as it is) they really should just get rid of them.

13. Get Rid of That Retarded Fucking Ramp

One of my main pet peeves about TNA is how ridiculous their entrance ramp is. I mean just look at it. It severely limits their movement outside the ring, it limits where they can be thrown over the ropes at, and it just looks stupid.

14. Give Matt Morgan a world title run

Judging by some of the earlier polls a lot of fans agree that Matt Morgan is way overdue for a title shot.

15. Stop the Lethal v Flair feud

Jay Lethal finally broke free of the Machoismo gimmick and his first feud is with Flair. Just stop it.

16. Make Some Roster Cuts

TNA reportedly is going to do this because of budget issues but Dixie Carter is being reluctant.

17. Give Samoa Joe something to do at Slammiversary

Nothing more to say.


18. Put the Pope back in the main event scene when he heals

Nothing can stall a push like an injury (except horrible booking) and the Pope is no stranger. Hopefully TNA can pick up the pieces and bring him back into the spotlight however I can't see him winning the world title for a while now that RVD is the top babyface in the title run basically.

Well those are my thoughts I know this post will generate a lot of troll heat so I'm prepared to discuss it in the comments or on the message boards IN AN INTELLIGENT AND MEANINGFUL WAY (i can't stress this enough).

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

What's Going On In Wrestling

Some of this news may be a few days late so sorry for the delay (internet problems).

-Undertaker suffered an orbital bone injury during his match with Mysterio that is reportedly going to keep him out of the Fatal Four Way Match. He had the same injury in a match against Mabel where Mabel and Yokozuna took turns leg dropping on Taker's face.

-Homicide and Angle are nursing some bruised ribs.

-WWE is doing a storyline to keep Orton out of the Fatal Four Way match due to his shoulder injury.

-Chris Jericho is going to host a new ABC show named Downfall

-McMahon returned to Raw last Monday but announced to his stockholders that he will most likely not partake in any ring action.

-Cena posted some twitter comments regarding NXT rookie Kaval (Low Ki)

Once I fix this lag I'll post a proper article I still have about 4-5 ideas for future articles. The first possibly being a NXT Season 2 Rookie Review but I may hold off on that until the first episode.

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