Sunday, May 9, 2010

Triple H in Jail

An initial report has said that Triple H is in jail after a house show that resulted in the superstar assaulting his very own protege Sheamus. The report indicates that Sheamus was making fun of HHH's best friend Shawn Michaels having spinal cancer which in turn caused the veteran to attack him repeatedly backstage.

Again these are initial reports: we will update the validity of these claims when the information is present

**EDIT** This is a completely false report, no sources are reporting it, and is obviously very "out there." Please check sources before posting such obviously false info - TMW **


  1. Is this site really supposed to be taken seriously when pure bullshit like this is posted? Seriously? You are not fit to write on a wrestling site if u believed this for 1 second...sounds like ou made it up.

  2. Wait for something to be confirmed before posting this. Triple H is off filming a movie btw