Top Gimmicks TNA/WWE/Japan

I’ve had several discussions this week over gimmicks in wrestling today. I for one feel gimmicks have been a dying breed for a while and a lot of wrestlers since the Attitude Era have been just portraying their natural selves i.e Stone Cold. I have nothing against wrestlers who have gimmicks or don’t have gimmicks, lord knows we don’t need another Doink The Clown. So I just wanted to share a list of some of the gimmicks I like from wrestlers currently working for either TNA,WWE, and a few ones from Japan.

Randy Orton the Legend Killer-While he doesn’t use this one anymore and has since switched over to the Viper gimmick (which I don’t really consider a gimmick) Randy Orton tore up the wrestling scene for months demolishing legend after legend. Defeating such wrestlers as Mick Foley/Cactus Jack and Shawn Michaels cemented his place in wrestling history.

Goldust the Cross Dressing Freak-Goldust has been one of my favorite wrestlers for many years. I enjoyed his unique opening and trademark wig+robes.

John Cena the Rapper-John Cena as his white rapper gimmick was basically what made fans love him. Every week we’d see Cena come out and “freestyle” on wrestlers during his promos. Cena has since switched over to a psuedo-marine type gimmick (which is basically his natural self).

CM Punk the StraightEdge Messiah-CM Punk’s psuedo-jesus type gimmick has been making Smackdown interesting to watch for a long time. He comes out and preaches anti-alcohol, smoking, and drugs. To me CM Punk’s gimmick reached it’s peak during the Mysterio-Punk storyline where Punk came out to wish Mysterio’s daughter happy birthday.

Kane the Big Red Monster-While not the pants wetting terror he once was I still appreciate Kane’s MONSTER gimmick. His gimmick is that he is the brother of the Undertaker and was horribly burned during a fire disfiguring his face.

The Undertaker the Deadman-Need I say anything? The Undertaker’s gimmick started out as a zombie who would become immune to damage and ressurect when he handler Paul Bearer would lift up the magic urn.

Abyss the Monster-I’m a sucker for Monster gimmicks done well and the original Abyss was no exception. While he basically became a pussy later on when he debuted he was menacing.

Mr.Anderson the Self Announcer-I found Mr. Anderson/Kennedy’s self announcer one to be very creative. Anderson has a trademark (magic?) microphone he seems to be able to summon from anywhere at anytime.

Suicide the Video Game Character-While I loathe Kazarian I found him to be a much better performer as the masked character Suicide. He rarely spoke and had a great costume. He was an unpredictable wrestler in the ring. Also why is Suicide still on TNA’s roster list (and Daniels for that matter).

Stone Cold Shark Boy the Beer Drinking Half Boy Half Shark?-While I liked Shark Boy’s gimmick by itself he became pretty much a copy of Stone Cold after he woke up from a storyline coma. He’d use phrases such as 24:7 and give me a Shell Yeah. Shark Boy does a pretty good Stone Cold impression even the real Stone Cold agrees.

Jushin Thunder Liger-A masked superhero type gimmick which made him one of the most recognizable wrestlers in Japan (o and being one of the best if not THE best cruiserweights in the world helped).

Ultimo Dragon-Another masked Japanese wrestler who is credited for inventing moves such as the Asai Moonsault. He is the only wrestler to have held 11 titles at the same time making him one of the most decorated wrestlers in the world. Dragon along with Great Sasuke are partially responsible for bringing the lucha libre style into main stream on the Japanese circuit.

Gimmicks I find horrible:

MVP-Sports star

R-Truth-Sterotypical black rapper

Hornswoggle-Do I need to say it?

The Dudebusters-I’m probaly wrong in classifying this as a gimmick but basically they kick ass at Playstation.

Ted DiBiase Jr-Rehash of his dad’s gimmick

That’s all for now. I still have a few other articles I’m considering doing such as a Sting Tribute and A Look At The Current Faces/Heels (mostly Heels) of the WWE and TNA.

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Until next time.

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