Thoughts on Raw vs Smackdown vs TNA

Sorry for this being late I’ve been busy. Alright let’s begin

First off let me say Buzz Aldrin was a horrible guest host. We start off with Bret cutting a promo about his match with the Miz and Jericho comes out to interrupt him and this leads to the match becoming no DQ (everyone saw that coming). It is announced that Edge and Orton will have a series of Pick Your Poison matches where they have a chance to soften their opponent for Sunday. Edge faces off vs Christian in a match everyone has been dying to see and it did not disappoint I’d love to see a rematch at a PPV. Edge wins and Orton tells Edge Christian wasn’t his opponent The Undertaker is. Edge gets himself counted out and Taker chokeslams him and leaves.

Eve Torres and Maryse get into a fight backstage. We see Buzz Aldrin backstage with Vickie Guerrero doing stuff I didn’t care about. Mark Henry walks to the ring bandaged after his beating from Batista and only to have Batista COME OUT AGAIN and beat him down. If they are building up a Batista vs Henry feud maybe Batista isn’t leaving. Yoshi Tatsu comes out to the ring his opponent is Ted DiBiase who (in the biggest shocker of the night) comes out with the real Virgil (who I’m glad hasn’t gotten fat). I’d like to point out here that I hate Tatsu’s theme cause it gets stuck in my head. The Miz is backstage killing it on the mic and walks to the ring still talking getting ready for his match. Bret comes out so it’s Bret vs The Miz for the United States Title. Miz has Regal and Kozloff as bodyguards in case the Hart Dynasty interferes. Hart Dynasty gets the best of them and Bret puts Miz in a Sharpshooter and wins the United States Titles. The Title hasn’t been defended for the last few PPV’s say goodbye to any prestige it has left. I’m praying Bret vacats the title Monday so we have a tournament for a new champ.

We have a Diva’s Tag Match with Layla, McCool, and Maryse vs Eve and *sigh* The Bella Twins. I only watched for the Bella Twins (not for their skills mind u) it lasted like 1 minute. John Cena cuts a promo backstage and Orton comes out. His opponent is Jack Swagger. Their match is going well when Edge comes out and spears Orton. Buzz Aldrin comes out babbling nonsense. Next Match Evan Bourne+Gail Kim vs Alicia Fox and Zack Ryder. Bourne and Kim wins and wow Zack Ryder has been on TV what 3 weeks in a row? I’m surprised. It’s Sheamus vs John Cena in the main event. Their match was ok nothing spectacular Batista comes out and puts Cena in his new submission the “Batista Bite”. I might also mention that WWE had some funny commercials since they were commercial free tonight. I enjoyed the R-Truth credit card one.

Overall: Raw was an average show nothing really happened cept feud buildup.

Eric Bischoff comes out with his lovely assistant to announce the standing for #1 contender.
10 Samoa Joe
9 Rob Terry (who is limping)
8 Desmond Wolfe
7 The Pope D’Angelo Dinero (who is still recovering) I can’t wait for him to get his push again
6 Abyss
5 Mr. Anderson (who I’m assuming is turning face you’ll see why later)
4 Jeff Hardy
3 AJ Styles
2 Kurt Angle
1 Sting (the guy with 6% of the votes won that makes sense)

Sting comes down to the ring and attacks Eric Bischoff. Jeff Hardy saves him but Sting really messed up Bischoffs leg. First match Roxxi vs Madison Rayne. WWE Diva’s need to take notes on how the hell to wrestler if there is anything TNA has on WWE it’s their Women’s Division is ages better. Roxxi gets a win over the champion (I love Roxxi’s finisher btw). Wolfe is backstage talking to a worried Chelsea. When we come back from commercial we get a video package with Kurt Angle for his return it was actually really touching. Kurt Angle comes out and talks about how he isn’t the best but he wants to prove himself to the fans again. He is giving up his #2 spot for the World Title. Ric Flair is backstage promoting Beer Money’s match vs Jay Lethal and his partner.

Next Match is Orland Jordan vs Rob Terry again. Jordan gets Dq’ed cause he won’t break the hold on Rob Terry’s injured leg. Jay Lethal comes out with his old music and without the Black Machismo gimmick. I’m glad they got rid of it now he can be taken seriously again hopefully he gets a push he’s really passionate about the company and his feud with Ric Flair. The World Champion RVD is his partner vs Beer Money. Easily my favorite match of the night. Jay Lethal went back to using the Lethal Injection finisher and now he is using the Figure Four Leg Lock. RVD and Lethal win by submission. Flair attacks Lethal after the match.

This next part deserves it’s own paragraph. In probaly the funniest thing I’ve seen in months on a wrestling show. RVD is going around the barricade shaking hands with fan. When a guy wearing a Sting Mask hits RVD with a chair. The guy removes the mask and it’s Sting with the same facepaint on as the mask. That was so random and funny. The fans next to Sting made it better

Alright so RVD gets the beat down from Sting. Jeff Hardy cits a promo for his match with Sting tonight. Abyss comes out to the ring and secruity escorts Chelsea down. A funny part of this segment is someone in the crowd goes “YOUR HOT CHELSEA”. Wolfe comes down and attacks the bodyguards and pulls a glass bottle from Chelsea’s purse. He breaks it and threatens Abyss with it. He cuts Abyss with this bottle and Abyss screams “Shit” which is bleeped. I reported that Abyss needed around 17 stitches (really) for the wound. Chelsea stops Wolfe from killing Abyss i guess with the bottle when Abyss hits a Black Hole Slam. He puts Chelsea over his shoulder and takes her out of the Impact Zone.

Eric Young comes out and talks about joining the Band (I cringe everything I see Scott Hall with that title). O btw SCOTT HALL GOT ARRESTED FOR BEING DISORDERLY WHILE DRUNK. Gj signing him TNA. Sorry for that rant I hate Scott Hall.

Ink. Inc. comes to challenge the band I forgot to mention this but Jesse Neal and Bubba Ray got into an argument over their altercation at Sacrifice. Probaly building up to a Ink. Inc. vs 3D feud. Next match Eric Young vs Shannon Moore. Middle of the match Bubba Ray (not calling him Brother Ray) walks to ring and Jesse Neal attacks with Devon trying to break it up. Eric Young hits the Piledriver after Scott Hall hits Moore with belt. We come back to an X Division battle royal for the 10th spot on #1 contenders ladder. Since Angle gave up his #2 spot everyone moves down a slot so #10 was missing. Kazarian wins with Ric Flair congratulating him. (SPOILER ALERT FOR A FUTURE IMPACT INC—Ric Flair trades in Aj Styles for Kazarian)

Jeff Hardy vs Sting is next. I enjoyed the match. Sting is going for the SDD when Mr. Anderson comes out and hits him with the SDD. He finally gets the handshake Jeff Hardy refused him at Sacrifice. Face Mr. Anderson will be interesting.

Overall: I enjoyed Impact more then Raw. I liked the promos and the matches were decent.

Throughout the show we get some titantron promos with Big Show making fun of Swagger. The show starts off with the SES in the ring with 3 guys. They are promoting straightedge and then shave the heads of the 3 people as they pledge. Mysterio shows a picture of what punk would look like bald. Laycool faces Tiffany and Kelly Kelly and win. The match was actually pretty good Tiffany isn’t that bad of a wrestler (at least compared to how horrible Layla is). JTG faces off vs Caylen Croft and wins. Christian is bringing the peep show back and denies Vickie on the show.

We come back to Vance Archer and Curt Hawkins saying they have 30 days to make an impact. They destroy some local jobbers. Hopefully we get more tag teams soon they don’t job aka Dudebusters. Jack Swagger comes to the ring looking like he is about to cry because of what happened last week. Show distracts Swagger allowing Kofi to get the win. He showed a big KOFI JUST BEAT YOU on the titantron. The surprise guest for the peepshow is Hornswoggle. Christian teaches him some canadian words like beer and hockey. Vickie and Chavo come out to interrupt and he calls her a moose. Dolph attacks Christian from behind and Chavo hits a frog splash. Rey Mysterio and MVP face off vs SES for what like the third time in a row? Rey takes out the mystery man this week and pins Punk for the win.

The final match is Drew McIntyre vs Big Show which ended in McIntyre attacking Show with a chair only to have him punch it.

Overall: Smackdown was average had more wrestling than Raw and showcased the midcard.

I have to say the best show was TNA this week.

I’ll do my Over The Limit Predictions soon good night.

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