Thoughts on NXT Rookies

This isn’t a review of the last NXT just wanted to talk about some stuff going on.

There are 4 rookies left the current poll is:

#1 Wade Barrett

#2 David Otunga

#3 Heath Slater

#4 Justin Gabriel

Going to break down the rookies first. First off Justin Gabriel. This guy is decent in the ring nothing spectacular. His finisher is great however his mic skills are horrendous. I can’t see this guy surviving the next elimination.

Heath Slater aka the One Man Rock Band. Slater is a guy who’s comfortable in the ring his cocky attitude would make him a great heel but I can see him as a tweener. His mic skills are mediocre but better than Gabriel’s. Slater is great at pumping up a crowd which is crucial during a match. I still have no idea what his finisher is I think he’s won all his matches by roll-up.

David “A-List” Otunga, this guy has a lot of starpower for the WWE. Being married to someone famous gives him a better chance at making it. WWE seems to have some faith in him by letting him work SD dark matches. His mic skills and charisma are very high although his in-ring skills need some work. He has a great look and an “ok” finisher (pretty much a standing spinebuster).

The top dog, Wade Barrett. I knew this guy would be 1st or 2nd place in the competition the first time he came to the ring with Jericho. There is a reason he was a commentator in FCW, he can talk. His mic skills are levels ahead of every other rookie. Barrett’s in-ring skills are very good but that doesn’t mean there is not room for improvement. He’s a big guy with a devastating finisher that suits him well. Barrett said it himself expect to see a world title around his waist in the future. I actually can see a lot of Jericho in Barrett is Jericho mentors this guy he will be huge. One more thing, did WWE Headquarters just forget to give him his theme music? He won a competition where he was supposed to get his own music to come out to so he could set himself apart from the other rookies we haven’t seen it yet.

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