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There has been a LOT of heat between “hardcore” wrestling fans (TNA) and (As our own Random Villain would say) ADHD poster children who watch WWE in the past few months. People ripping on WWE for being PG-TV, others ripping on TNA for lackluster story lines and feuds. I honestly have been a part of the ripping on TNA for constipated thinking but a question has re-entered my head, why is there such a problem in pro wrestling? (Despite the obvious push for different products)

The answer is this: The Monday Night Wars and superstars like Hogan and Stone Cold have put the bar so high that no matter how hard someone works, no matter how talented they may be, the odds are just to great for a replication to occur. We have become a very spoiled group and I am talking to all wrestling fans. How can we expect anyone to repeat the runs that Stone Cold Steve Austin or Hulk Hogan had? Who is going to have the same eerie presence that Sting and Undertaker displayed during the peaks of their careers? Ric Flair is arguably the greatest wrestler of all time, Shawn Michaels is the greatest in ring performer of all time, the Rock the greatest charismatic character of all time……these guys are either retired or desperately clinging to their youth. We all grew up during a time where wrestling had taken off and was the greatest thing going. What many people can’t fathom is that people get old and careers come to an end. So you either stick with the business and root for new guys or stop watching. Plain and Simple.

One set of debates going on, (And i wish the anonymous posting was gone) is that “We have seen these matches 100 times already” My friends, this statement has really got me believing that people hate WWE just because they want to hate it. Pro Wrestling is synonymous with repetition. The top guns in the promotions ALWAYS wrestle each other. I recall one comment saying to someone named Ted or Bob (I really hate how the posting comments application works) that the difference between the Rock and Austin feuds compared to today’s feuds is that they were actually good. This all beginning with them calling either Ted or Bob a moron. My thoughts on that comment are this: Do you truly understand the business? or are you desperately looking for any reason to hate WWE? How many times have we seen big names feud with each other multiple times?

The four horseman always feuded with the American Dream and Sting.

Stone Cold and the Rock

Hogan and Sting

Flair and Sting

Flair and Ricky Steamboat

Undertaker and Kane

Undertaker and Austin,

Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart

the list is virtually endless and I haven’t even gone into TAG TEAMS yet.

Orton and Cena are going to feud many more times before they both call it quits. The two most over guys in the business? It is foolish not to. I’d question the sanity of anyone who thinks that match up isn’t good for business.

Another issue is the PG-TV rating. Is it so wrong to have it? Not when you the majority of your audience is “ADHD kids” as Random Villain says. WWE knew that replicating the attitude era is not going to work. The wrestling fans of that time won’t allow anyone to come remotely close to Austin or Hogan. So they did what any smart business tycoon can do; they focus on the needs of kids.

What is wrong with that by the way? Why is it so wrong for John Cena being cheered by kids? Teaching them values, teaching them hard work, the guy is an active part of grant a wish foundation and yet all the “hardcore” fans bash him because he does what EVERY WWE WRESTLER IN THE PAST 20 YEARS HAS DONE. 5 moves and boom. Everyone cheered Hogan for it, everyone cheered Austin for it. People sometimes hate just to hate and that is fact I have come to live with. IF you are going to hate on Cena or anyone who you deem “unworthy” remember this. The people you idolized and loved for all those years ditched the companies that made them…..Cena eats breathes and LIVES for WWE….food for thought.

Needless to say, the attitude era, ruined professional wrestling. Why? because of the bar that it set for the future stars. WWE realized this, TNA will realize it sooner or later. We as fans have become so spoiled that all future stars are destined to fail. Because of the narrow thinking, people are missing GREAT performers right now. Randy Orton could be the greatest ever before its said and done. Cena, whether you like him or not, is known EVERYWHERE. Edge and Jericho are still great and the new stars have a very bright future. AJ styles is great, Kurt Angle may be the most pure breed star ever. Please stop looking backward fans. Things change. Move with the flow instead of fighting it because as the old saying goes, “Fighting the wind does not show bravery, it shows stupidity”

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