Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sorry No Review This Week

Moving to a new apartment tommorow haven't had a lot of time to sit down and write a long article. I'm going to have no internet/cable Mon-Tues so I'm going to miss Raw and NXT (which i was planning to recap cause it's a finale) but maybe I'll catch them on youtube.

Until next time


  1. No one gives a fuck about your "reviews" in the first place. I hope your new apartment burns down.

  2. Why is no one on the message board in the mean time? We are encouraged to visit there but I do not see any writers there....we could have wrestling conversation while writers are gone....or else no need to tell us to go there.

  3. I hit it about once a day, but I got sick of starting conversations with myself since no one ever joins it. The morons that write here tell people to join and talk there but THEY aren't even on it.

    Also, wtf with this post? Who gives a shit? I dont think anyone is going to be upset at all about no fuckin review.

  4. Random you barely post on the message boards I counted 1-2 last time I checked and to troll #1 I'm living happily in my new apartment :).

  5. Well, lets see here. There are a couple things about the message board you obviously aren't aware of.

    1. You don't know how to count. Out of the 119 total posts I have done on the message board, you only see 2?

    2. Its 2 more than you.

    3. Guess what, not only do I post on the message board, but I CREATED the message board. So I can post there whenever the hell I want.

    See, you still fail to realize how stupid it sounds for someone to ask people to go to a message board and post on it, when that someone doesn't even do it themselves.

  6. Instead of counting anyones posts on a board you are not even on, how about joining and starting a convo? And trying to get more members? Usually how boards work.

  7. Random maybe more people would visit the message boards if you wrote an article every now and then instead of pushing people away from the message boards by basically saying it sucks. This convo is over however feel free to do w/e you want I'm walking away.