Some Thoughts on TNA,RAW, and Smackdown

I didn’t have time to write full reviews this week but here are some things I wanted to post about the shows.


Flavor Flav was an ok guest host he didn’t get in the way. Randy Orton RKOing Meatloaf was pretty good. I enjoyed Regal’s rap. Hopefully Vickie comes back to be General Manager. I’m glad Ted DiBiase is getting a push I hope his stable goes through despite the mishaps. Zack Ryder is still a jobber. Mark Henry is getting TV time. I am interested to see where this Miz-Bret hart storyline goes. Mark Henry slowly gets in the ring allowing his opponent plenty of time to attack him with a chair.

Overall Raw had several good matches. It was an average Raw show nothing spectacular.


Chelsea claims to have been attacked by Abyss and gets him arrested. This whole Hall of Fame ring crap needs to stop at Sacrifice, but hey if Abyss wins Chelsea she gets more TV time so thats a plus. Tara did some stuff with the knockouts nothing worth mentioning. Kazarian decides it’d be a great idea not to run as fast as he can to the ring to grab his belt. SCOTT HALL HAS A CHAMPIONSHIP IN 2010 WHY WHY WHY!!!! Orlando Jordan defeats Rob Terry again and then squashes Tomko’s fatass. Jeff Hardy vs RVD vs AJ Styles (i swear i thought this was for the title). It was a good match could’ve been longer and had more spots but I’m not complaining. Hardy jumping onto Anderson was great and he gave the fans some love.

Overall TNA was the worst show out of the week definitely.


Kofi vs Christian to start it out got me and the audience pumped. It was a great match with a lot of reversals. Drew Mcintyre got the IC title back to build up the feud. Shad squashed some no-name it’s too late to take him seriously as a heel. That loss to JTG killed all his momentum. Swagger and Big Show had an amazing promo with Swagger’s trophies. It was hilarious with Big Show doing a nice punt kick. Beth Phoenix lost her title because she is going in for surgery on her ACL. MVP and JTG beat the Dudebusters who are what one of 3 actual tag teams. I liked the finish to Cm Punk vs Mysterio. Their match next week is going to be explosive.

Overall Smackdown had the best show by far. Better promos, better matches, and it got you excited for the matches at Over the Limit.

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