Some Random Wrestling News Going on

-Looks like Cody Rhodes is going to have a new gimmick by being dubbed “The Uncommon” Cody Rhodes now. Sounds crappy to me.

-David Otunga will be working Smackdown house shows. Looks like WWE has faith in his future.

-There has been a huge rumor floating around involving the World Heavyweight Championship at Summerslam

-TNA will be having some budget cuts

-John Morrison had an ankle injury at a RAW house show hopefully it doesn’t stall his push (if he gets one)

-John Cena started an official twitter a few days ago

-WWE has been pushing more of their stars to use Twitter but rumor is the higher ups want superstars to use it to push feuds rather then personal info.

-TNA will be debuting a team named “Los Ben Dojos” soon possibly they lost a house show match to Generation Me. Their gimmick is pretty much Mexican stereotypes sorta like a Mexican Crymetyme.

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