Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Scott Hall's Career Finally Done?

For those of you that may not know Scott Hall was arrested a few days ago on May 14th for resisting and disorderly conduct while drunk. Scott Hall been infamous for his struggle with alcohol addiction. While in WCW Hall was put in a controversial storyline where he would pretend to be drunk on-camera. Many people found this storyline disgusting since alcholism is an actual disease. What WCW used on camera was affecting Hall in real life as well as drugs. Hall claimed he was intoxicated when he attacked Jimmy Graham after he made an Owen Hart joke.

When Hall made his return to TNA many fans (including me as most of you know) were disappointed in the decision TNA made. Hall however did seem to have overcome his demons and be back on track. Unfortunately that was not the case. Hall is one half of the TNA Tag Team Champions (well one-third I guess) but thankfully the Band is operating under the Freebird Rule and has Eric Young. I know I've been hard on Hall in my articles but it really is sad and I hope he gets his life in order soon.

What will TNA's next move be? We'll see Thursday.

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  1. I like how almost 2 weeks ago means just a few days ago to you guys.

    Also enjoy you guys telling people to go visit the message boards, yet providing no link to it. As well as not even posting there yourselves.

    Glad to see you 12 year old retards being on the ball.

  2. Yes i also checked your board as well but I dont see you there, who are we to talk to? Or am I at wrong board?

  3. Random you're being a pretty big hypocrite right now. I don't see you posting on the message boards nor linking it in the articles you do every 5 years or so but I'll add a link just for you :).