Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Raw vs Smackdown Rosters After Draft

Let's take a quick look at how the rosters are shaping up for the year.


Main Event:

John Cena(WWE Champion)



Triple H

Chris Jericho


Randy Orton

Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith (since winning the titles they count but barely)(Tag Team Champions but can appear on both brands so kinda in the middle)


Evan Bourne

John Morrison



Ted DiBiase Jr.(Million Dollar Champion)

The Miz(United States Champion)


Alicia Fox

Bella Twins





Gail Kim

Eve Torres(Divas Champion)

Guys Lucky To Get 5 Seconds of TV Time:


Mark Henry


Vladimir Kozlov

William Regal

Yoshi Tatsu

Zack Ryder



Ezekiel Jackson(injury)

Great Khali and Ranjin Singh

Jerry Lawler

Justin Roberts

Michael Cole


Main Event:

Jack Swagger(World Heavyweight Champion)

Big Show

CM Punk

Rey Mysterio


Drew McIntyre(Intercontinental Champion)

Caylen Croft and Trent Barreta, The Dudebusters


Cody Rhodes

Dolph Ziggler


Shad Gaspard

Kofi Kingston

Luke Gallows

Matt Hardy




Beth Phoenix(Women's Champion)

Michelle McCool


Kelly Kelly

Rosa Mendes



Guys Lucky To Get 5 Seconds of TV Time:

Chris Masters(better pad out that pec flexing time)


Tyler Reks

Vance Archer


Theodore Long

Vickie Guerrero

Matt Striker

Tony Chimel

Todd Grisham

The Undertaker(pretty sure he is still taking time off and only came back to Raw cause of the volcano)

First let us compare main eventers. Raw recently got a few main eventers most likely to get more stars to Raw before Smackdown goes to SyFy or to combat TNA (which worked). Raw has 7 (not counting tag team champs) to Smackdown's 4. Look for Smackdown to add a new midcarder to the main event in the coming months.

Next, let's look at the midcard. Raw has 6 only 3 of which I'd say has a shot at the United State's Championship. Ted and The Miz have belts so the only likely choices are Evan Bourne and John Morrison. R-Truth is a possibility however we'll have to wait still his feud with Ted is over to see. Smackdown is midcard Heaven at the moment with 13. Taking away Luke Gallows, Kane, The Dudebusters, and the IC Champ leaves 8 with a title shot. Christian is the only one likely to move up to the main event.

On to the Diva's, Raw currently has 9 Diva's and about 2 who do not wrestle (Melina injury and Natalya because she is a manager). Smackdown has 7 and 1 who does not wrestle (Serena). Diva's are pretty even though I expect the title to go on Kelly Kelly before the year is done.

Lastly the wasted people, Raw has 7 and Smackdown has 4. 5 people on the Raw list were fortunate enough to get some screen time (and some even got to wrestle!). With Smackdown Chris Masters is the only one I can remember seeing on TV for a long time and that was about 10 seconds of muscle flexing.

Overall Raw is looking to keep their top guys at the top. Smackdown has tons of oppurtunity to promote some new stars. On a final note it sucks to see a good wrestler like Santino (yes he can wrestle) be the butt of the joke week after week he is a 2 time IC champion give him some ring-time for god's sake and keep Hornswoggle off TV. Also The Miz and Jericho look to form a tag team so I predict a title drop from Miz and with Jericho in the tag team division again that is one less main eventer. Perhaps John Morrison can take his place.

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  1. Hey Checky....you don't think Goldust will see TV time? I really hope your wrong man!

  2. I do too Goldust is an excellent wrestler but WWE has been buttfucking him ever since he came back from TNA

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