Quick NXT Recap

The rookies come out and we discover that Michael Tarver and Daniel Bryan are the first person eliminated because they said they did not belong on NXT last week.

Match 1 Wade Barret vs Heath Slater

Wade Barret takes the win

Tarver is backstage with Striker saying pretty much nothing.

Match 2 Skip Sheffield vs Darren Young

Skip Sheffield gets the win (I swear he seems like a Stone Cold copy with the bald head, black vest, and stunner finisher)

Daniel Bryan is doing an interview. He states that Daniel Bryan is done but Bryan Danielson has just begun so hopefully the creative team pulls their heads out of their asses.

Match 3 David Otunga vs Justin Gabriel

David Otunga wins.

After the match the remaining rookies are by the ring. We learn that Sheffield is eliminated and he says this isn’t the last of him (it probaly is though).

The main theory atm is that Bryan Danielson will show up on Raw to take Miz’s US title in place of Bret Hart. Here’s hoping to him being used.


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