My WWE Over the Limit” Preview

I’m back after a 2 day vacation from, bad grammar, and “Random Villains” to bring you new and exciting “Professional Wrestling Enlightenment”. Today I’ll be going over the card for WWE’s “Over the Limit”. I’ll be going over my thoughts and professional view-point. I’ll be talking about what I expect and who I think should win.

-Eve vs. Maryse for the Divas Championship.
This match I expect next to nothing from. I can see this match lasting all of about 5 minuets. However I do expect some decent offense from these to divas. Knowing Maryse & Eve they will both pull out some unpredictable offence. Eve will pull off a major spot and Maryse will hit some type of high-impact kicks or knees to the head. Winner: Eve. I hate to say it but the WWE has faith in her ability and I don’t think they’re going to just have her drop the title after she just won it. Then again they did it to Jillian Hall so don’t be surprised. The best we can hope for though is like a 3 star match and a nice finish.

-Ted DiBiase (w/Virgil) vs. R-Truth. For some reason I think this match will be short on time. I know these to can put on an awesome match but this match will be low-balled. Or they’ll be changing the stipulation so R-Truth has to be Ted’s new Bitch— I mean Virgil if he loses. I expect a some-what slow and match with a high-spot or 2. Winner: Ted DiBiase. You should see this coming at you like an atom bomb. He has Virgil, The Colons (Or rather Colon unless they add Tito to the roster), and he has the “Million Dollar Championship”. Ted is in mid push mode. I doubt that Ted’s going to be stopped anytime soon.

-The Hart Dynasty vs. Chris Jericho and The Miz for the Unified Tag Team Titles. Well this is an interesting match. I feel as though this match will somehow involve, Teddy Hart, Bret Hart, and/or Daniel Bryan. Teddy is who I’ve been waiting. But this match will have decent time. But I don’t really get what Chris and Miz bring to the table as a Tag-Team. They are great superstars but it seams a little random and the Hart Dynasty needs help. They are great wrestlers but they need to mold themselves more. The H Dynasty needs to get a few more Tag-Team and single star moves in their arsenal. They also need to realize that Natalya is a wrestler, Valet, and eye-candy. She is in some cases the ultimate weapon of the Hart Dynasty. Winner: Hart Dynasty. It would only make senses to keep the only actual team (Hart Dynasty) as tag-team champs. Expect to see some technical wrestling, Hart Attack 2.0, and Sharpshooter to end the match.

-Randy Orton vs. Edge. I don’t know what to expect. These are to of the most unpredictable wrestlers in the WWE today. This is our modern-day Triple H vs. Stone Cold. I expect a few bumps and a small amount of weapon use. I also expect to see some form of interference from Shamus. Winner: This one is hard to call, but I’m going to make a wild guess and say Edge. I’m completely guessing. Oh and this match will be one of the longer matches.

-Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk in a Straight Edge Society Pledge vs. Hair Match. This is going to be a match of the night candidate Every time Cm Punk and Rey Mysterio get in the ring, they really perform. I think this match will get decent time. Well enough time to get the point across. I also think that we’ll finally see the mysterious masked man. Winner: “Your savior and the new Raven” Cm Punk. It’s about time this storyline folded or opened a new door. That being said, I think Rey’s going to join the SES. Then he’ll get beaten to a pulp and use that time to recover.

-Drew McIntyre vs. Kofi Kingston for the Intercontinental Title. This match is like watching a Chavo Guerrero match. No matter who Chavo wrestles I want to change the channel. In this case Kofi, it’s not your fault. I would actually crash my car (If Kofi’s case) if it means I wouldn’t have to wrestle with that boring, talent less, Roddy Piper wanna be. Winner: I pray to god Kofi wins but I think it’s going to be Drew Mc(Mahon)Intyre. Why you ask? Because Vince McMahon wants me to kill myself, and won’t stop pushing my buttons until I do. But in all serious-ness I doubt they would give Drew back the title for him to lose it so soon.

-Jack Swagger vs. Big Show for the World Title. Well I can’t say I’m looking forward to seeing this match. But I think it’ll be better the Drew McIntyre’s match by far. Now this match will be highly dominated by the Big Show unless, Swagger works on the leg. Even then I think Big Show will still dominate. I also think we can expect a slow and boring match. Winner: Big Show. I don’t know how he’s going to do it but he will. I don’t think Big Show is walking away from this match with a belt though. He could maybe win by DQ or count out, but no title for the big man.

-John Cena vs. Batista in an “I Quit” match for the WWE Title. Believe it or not I think this will be the match of the night. Cena put on 2 classic matches with Batista and I think this will be the best yet. Now Originally I know this match was to be a “Loser Leaves WWE” match but that’s been changed and now we can enjoy an “I Quit” match. I think this will be a hardcore style match. Now they’re going to beat each-others ass then… Winner: John Cena. Hey Batista wants to retire? Fine, but if they wanted shock value then they should have kept it a better secret. I didn’t have to think about the winner before or after. Nor do I have to think about Batista going mad and “Quitting” after the match. Plus Cena has never lost an “I Quit” match. Hint, hint, (you’ve got to be a complete retard if you don’t see this coming) hint.

Well I hope you all enjoyed my article or preview for the “Over the Limit” Pay-Per-View. It’s gonna be a wild ride. And unlike TNA it’s not going to be held in the same place as all of the TV tapings. So have a nice day and don’t forget to stop back at for all the latest facts, rumors, and updates. I’m out.

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