Injury Updates and Mystery Tag Team IC and US Champs

The mystery tag team that attacked The Hart Dynasty last night were the Uso Brothers from FCW. They are the current FCW tag champs. They were brought in to feud with the Dynasty after the incident with Carlito. The two guys are the sons of former WWE wrestler Rikishi and the girl is the daughter of Jimmy Snuka. Rumor is at Fatal 4 way it will be them vs Hart Dynasty vs A team from Smackdown (Vance Archer and Hawkins probaly or Dudebusters) vs Jericho and Miz.

DiBiase recieved a concussion at Over The Limit so he won’t be having in-ring action for a while due to WWE’s new policy on concussions (they don’t want another Benoit). WWE management is not 100% sure if Orton can compete at Fatal Four Way. John Morrison is still out with an ankle injury (sucks cause his push is stalled for a 2nd time he can’t catch a break).

Rumor has it R-Truth and Kofi are champs because the company was told to push a new black babyface. While I have no problem with that (being black) I can’t help but feel R-Truth wouldn’t be champion if John Morrison was around. R-Truth has always seemed to be put on the backburner compared to Morrison.

I have a few article ideas for this week and I’ll post my show reviews Saturday.

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