Goldust’s Gimmick in a PG Era

I recently re-watched a match on WWE Superstars between Chris Jericho and Goldust and while it was a good match seeing Goldust wearing his trademark wig and robes made me think. How is Goldust’s gimmick holding up in WWE’s PG Era.

Dustin Runnels aka Dustin Rhodes is the son of WWE HOF Dusty Rhodes. He debuted in the WWF in 1995 as a cross-dressing man obessed with gold and films. His character had many homosexual traits that he used to make fun of other wrestlers in the ring and promos.

Perhaps Goldust’s most memorable time in the WWE was when he formed a tag team with Booker T. The two created many hilarious promos and were all around a great tag team to watch that was reminescent of the old Rock n Sock Connection.

Enough backstory however now we move on to the topic. Goldust’s gimmick as stated above is that he is a goldfaced freak who dresses in robes and wears a blonde wig. I am personally surprised WWE has kept the gimmick since his return from TNA. I assumed WWE management would have been worried that parents would get angry about having to explain why a man is wearing a wig to their children. I would say the gimmick is the main reason Goldust isn’t on TV that much but I’d contribute the majority of that to the fact that he went to TNA (before that he didn’t get that much TV time either).

I have no problem with the gimmick it is who Goldust is to take it away would destroy his character. Considering Goldust is in his early 40’s I doubt he’ll get the TV time he deserves. It’s a shame he’s really underrated.

Here is a link for the Goldust vs Jericho match it’s very good.

Watch TNA tonight for Chelsea (o and some wrestling).


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