Saturday, May 8, 2010

Does TNA Need A "Face" for the Company?

Right now TNA is definitely in distress. They've failed in their goal to conquer Monday Nights and are back on Thursday where they will hopefully not have a problem re-establishing themselves. Now that TNA is back on Thursday's they have a chance (at least in my opinion) to start fresh again. Time for them to see where they are and what direction they need to go into before they try anything drastic again.

So on to the topic does TNA need a face of the company. Right now the psuedo faces of the company are Hulk Hogan and Dixie Carter. While there is nothing wrong with this I can't help but feel the company would do better with a wrestling face.

The WWE as a prime example is big on having a face for the company. Hulk Hogan to Stone Cold/The Rock to John Cena. The face doesn't have to be a good guy but someone who can move tickets whether by fans wanting to see them win or lose. Cena is such a huge draw because fans pay to see him win or lose. He gets huge wrestling crowds coming in groups sporting "We Hate Cena" signs and shirts. I'm not a big expert on Ring of Honor so correct me if I'm wrong but I'm under the impression that Bryan Danielson could've been considered the face of ROH.

Before they started the whole AJ Styles/Ric Flair deal he would've been the perfect face for TNA. This whole crappy Ric Flair copy gimmick is ruining his fanbase. These older guys pushing the younger guys out of the spotlight essentially makes it harder to push a face. Right now however it seems they are grooming Rob Van Dam to take that spot. Which is a good idea because he is one of the most popular wrestlers in North America. If they fuck up this RVD push though (which I'm praying they don't) the Pope would be my next in line. They had a great chance to put the World Title on him and cement him as a main eventer and essentially make him a huge star but that loss to AJ destroyed all his momentum. Pope has a great gimmick and far better mic skills then AJ Styles with ring skills to back it up (although his finisher sucks something fierce). I'd even say Jay Lethal could potentially be this "face" for the company but I doubt they will pursue that.

Comment and troll below with whether you agree or disagree on if TNA needs someone who can their "face". Essentially whether or not they need someone fans can come to cheer or boo and someone who can move merchandise.

Until next time (and sorry for not covering Smackdown).


  1. A company always needs a "face" Even Geiko has the Gecko, and Afflack has their duck. Wrestling, as you said, has had many of these. Who would be best suited for TNA? For sure Rob Van Dam is money, as would be Jeff Hardy. Sting carried the banner for a long time, but that time has passed. If its not Hardy or Van Dam, then my guess would be either, The Pope, Samoa Joe, or Mr Anderson.

  2. having a face is the least of tna's problems, the ring and the lack of space around the ring is grounding the high flyers that are tna's signature its a disaster and thats wiyhoit even mentioning the new pensioners division installed by the bookers, i still watch but only in the hopes that someone clears up this car crash and makes tna back into tna, i mean come on, the only reason for the new ramp is so some of hogans buddies can get into the ring.

  3. who really knows who the face of tna is some think it is hulk hogan some think it is the pope some think it is abyss some think it is aj styles and some think it is rick rude well in my opinon it is cowboy james storm i mean his hair is probly the loagest he is a true tna person i can rember being 5 and watching it than and now that it has gotten bigger who do you think stayed with it all these years it is best to also say that james storm and the butiful people.
    becauze most of the others are washed up wwe super stars. and the others probly just came to it like the moter city machine guns. who really should be the tna tag team title holders the answer is easy beer money. and just because of there name do you really think that spend all of there money on beer well if you do you must be the dumest person out there. if you think thay are jerks you really do not know them do you. because they are always coming back and paying bert pentince a vist (the person who started tna) no dixe carter did not start tna. and as must of you know mikkie james is frome tn and she also should be the diva face of tna. all of you know that it is fake so why do you think that it is nice to call anybody a. you all should really know beermoney is the best so lets all forget about the rest. cowboy james storm needs to be the face of tna. oh and yeah all the others need to respect beer money cauze for real they are really strong guys. but as far as tna goes they do not need to worry about who the face is becauze all they need to worry about is staying the best.