Carlito Fired By WWE and Other News

-Abyss recieved 17 stitches as a result of his whole arm getting cut by Desmond Wolfe with a broken bottle. I assume it was intended but it musta hurt like a bitch cause Abyss cursed and that guy knows pain.

-WWE has confirmed Carlito Colon has been released due to his first violation of WWE’s Wellness Policy and refusing to attend rehab. See you in TNA Carlito.

-Last TNA did a .96 rating

-Undertaker signed autographs at a FCW show last night.

-Randy Orton did an interview.

-Rey Mysterio had another pay dispute with WWE officials. He’s been having a lot of problems lately if he isn’t careful Dos Caras Jr. will replace him.

-Today is Chris Benoits B-day RIP

-Ted DiBiase Jr did an interview with IGN

I’ll post a review of the wrestling shows tommrow I still haven’t finished Smackdown.

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