Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sorry No Review This Week

Moving to a new apartment tommorow haven't had a lot of time to sit down and write a long article. I'm going to have no internet/cable Mon-Tues so I'm going to miss Raw and NXT (which i was planning to recap cause it's a finale) but maybe I'll catch them on youtube.

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Reid Flair Signed By TNA

According to Ric Flair his youngest son Reid Flair has been signed to TNA.

Updated Slammiversary and Fatal Four Way Cards


Rob Van Dam(c) vs Sting TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Doug Williams(c) vs Brian Kendrick X Division Championship

The Band(c) vs Matt Morgan and his partner TNA World Tag Team Championships

Jesse Neal vs Brother Ray

Fatal 4 Way:

John Cena(c) vs Randy Orton vs Sheamus vs Edge WWE Championship

Jack Swagger(c) vs The Undertaker vs CM Punk vs Big Show

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Top Gimmicks TNA/WWE/Japan

I've had several discussions this week over gimmicks in wrestling today. I for one feel gimmicks have been a dying breed for a while and a lot of wrestlers since the Attitude Era have been just portraying their natural selves i.e Stone Cold. I have nothing against wrestlers who have gimmicks or don't have gimmicks, lord knows we don't need another Doink The Clown. So I just wanted to share a list of some of the gimmicks I like from wrestlers currently working for either TNA,WWE, and a few ones from Japan.

Randy Orton the Legend Killer-While he doesn't use this one anymore and has since switched over to the Viper gimmick (which I don't really consider a gimmick) Randy Orton tore up the wrestling scene for months demolishing legend after legend. Defeating such wrestlers as Mick Foley/Cactus Jack and Shawn Michaels cemented his place in wrestling history.

Goldust the Cross Dressing Freak-Goldust has been one of my favorite wrestlers for many years. I enjoyed his unique opening and trademark wig+robes.

John Cena the Rapper-John Cena as his white rapper gimmick was basically what made fans love him. Every week we'd see Cena come out and "freestyle" on wrestlers during his promos. Cena has since switched over to a psuedo-marine type gimmick (which is basically his natural self).

CM Punk the StraightEdge Messiah-CM Punk's psuedo-jesus type gimmick has been making Smackdown interesting to watch for a long time. He comes out and preaches anti-alcohol, smoking, and drugs. To me CM Punk's gimmick reached it's peak during the Mysterio-Punk storyline where Punk came out to wish Mysterio's daughter happy birthday.

Kane the Big Red Monster-While not the pants wetting terror he once was I still appreciate Kane's MONSTER gimmick. His gimmick is that he is the brother of the Undertaker and was horribly burned during a fire disfiguring his face.

The Undertaker the Deadman-Need I say anything? The Undertaker's gimmick started out as a zombie who would become immune to damage and ressurect when he handler Paul Bearer would lift up the magic urn.

Abyss the Monster-I'm a sucker for Monster gimmicks done well and the original Abyss was no exception. While he basically became a pussy later on when he debuted he was menacing.

Mr.Anderson the Self Announcer-I found Mr. Anderson/Kennedy's self announcer one to be very creative. Anderson has a trademark (magic?) microphone he seems to be able to summon from anywhere at anytime.

Suicide the Video Game Character-While I loathe Kazarian I found him to be a much better performer as the masked character Suicide. He rarely spoke and had a great costume. He was an unpredictable wrestler in the ring. Also why is Suicide still on TNA's roster list (and Daniels for that matter).

Stone Cold Shark Boy the Beer Drinking Half Boy Half Shark?-While I liked Shark Boy's gimmick by itself he became pretty much a copy of Stone Cold after he woke up from a storyline coma. He'd use phrases such as 24:7 and give me a Shell Yeah. Shark Boy does a pretty good Stone Cold impression even the real Stone Cold agrees.

Jushin Thunder Liger-A masked superhero type gimmick which made him one of the most recognizable wrestlers in Japan (o and being one of the best if not THE best cruiserweights in the world helped).

Ultimo Dragon-Another masked Japanese wrestler who is credited for inventing moves such as the Asai Moonsault. He is the only wrestler to have held 11 titles at the same time making him one of the most decorated wrestlers in the world. Dragon along with Great Sasuke are partially responsible for bringing the lucha libre style into main stream on the Japanese circuit.

Gimmicks I find horrible:

MVP-Sports star

R-Truth-Sterotypical black rapper

Hornswoggle-Do I need to say it?

The Dudebusters-I'm probaly wrong in classifying this as a gimmick but basically they kick ass at Playstation.

Ted DiBiase Jr-Rehash of his dad's gimmick

That's all for now. I still have a few other articles I'm considering doing such as a Sting Tribute and A Look At The Current Faces/Heels (mostly Heels) of the WWE and TNA.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Scott Hall's Career Finally Done?

For those of you that may not know Scott Hall was arrested a few days ago on May 14th for resisting and disorderly conduct while drunk. Scott Hall been infamous for his struggle with alcohol addiction. While in WCW Hall was put in a controversial storyline where he would pretend to be drunk on-camera. Many people found this storyline disgusting since alcholism is an actual disease. What WCW used on camera was affecting Hall in real life as well as drugs. Hall claimed he was intoxicated when he attacked Jimmy Graham after he made an Owen Hart joke.

When Hall made his return to TNA many fans (including me as most of you know) were disappointed in the decision TNA made. Hall however did seem to have overcome his demons and be back on track. Unfortunately that was not the case. Hall is one half of the TNA Tag Team Champions (well one-third I guess) but thankfully the Band is operating under the Freebird Rule and has Eric Young. I know I've been hard on Hall in my articles but it really is sad and I hope he gets his life in order soon.

What will TNA's next move be? We'll see Thursday.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Injury Updates and Mystery Tag Team IC and US Champs

The mystery tag team that attacked The Hart Dynasty last night were the Uso Brothers from FCW. They are the current FCW tag champs. They were brought in to feud with the Dynasty after the incident with Carlito. The two guys are the sons of former WWE wrestler Rikishi and the girl is the daughter of Jimmy Snuka. Rumor is at Fatal 4 way it will be them vs Hart Dynasty vs A team from Smackdown (Vance Archer and Hawkins probaly or Dudebusters) vs Jericho and Miz.

DiBiase recieved a concussion at Over The Limit so he won't be having in-ring action for a while due to WWE's new policy on concussions (they don't want another Benoit). WWE management is not 100% sure if Orton can compete at Fatal Four Way. John Morrison is still out with an ankle injury (sucks cause his push is stalled for a 2nd time he can't catch a break).

Rumor has it R-Truth and Kofi are champs because the company was told to push a new black babyface. While I have no problem with that (being black) I can't help but feel R-Truth wouldn't be champion if John Morrison was around. R-Truth has always seemed to be put on the backburner compared to Morrison.

I have a few article ideas for this week and I'll post my show reviews Saturday.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Breaking News New Raw GM:

Bret The Hitman Hart has been named the GM for Raw. Hopefully this isn't a tease like with Vickie. What this means for the United States Title has yet to be seen.

Also Batista quit (kayfabe) his contract ran out IRL. He'll be back after he realizes he needs money.

Apparently Abraham Washington was actually going to be the original GM but WWE changed it's plan Monday morning. Reports say if they knew they would've made Bret GM they wouldn't have given him the US title.

Over The Limit Results

Sorry I'm not able to do a proper review but from what I read it was an ok show. Nothing memorable but good. Fatal Four Way is next month which should give a chance to showcase some new talent with the title.

Dark Match MVP defeated Chavo Guerrero

IC Title Match Kofi Kingston defeated Drew McIntyre(c) (WWE made the right choice)

R-Truth defeated Ted DiBiase(w/ Virgil) (Bad choice completely fucks up DiBiase's push)

Hair vs Pledge Match Rey Mysterio defeated CM Punk, Punk got shaved after the match but he also recieved an injury on his head due to a brace Rey had on during the match.

The Hart Dynasty(c) defeated Miz and Jericho Unified Tag Team Championship match

Randy Orton and Edge fought to a double count-out, Randy Orton dislocated his shoulder during the match so that may be why they did that unless it was decided before hand.

Big Show defeated Jack Swagger(c) by DQ World Heavyweight Championship match, Swagger retains

Eve Torres(c) defeated Maryse for the Diva's Championship

John Cena(c) defeated Batista for WWE Championship

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Thoughts on Raw vs Smackdown vs TNA

Sorry for this being late I've been busy. Alright let's begin

First off let me say Buzz Aldrin was a horrible guest host. We start off with Bret cutting a promo about his match with the Miz and Jericho comes out to interrupt him and this leads to the match becoming no DQ (everyone saw that coming). It is announced that Edge and Orton will have a series of Pick Your Poison matches where they have a chance to soften their opponent for Sunday. Edge faces off vs Christian in a match everyone has been dying to see and it did not disappoint I'd love to see a rematch at a PPV. Edge wins and Orton tells Edge Christian wasn't his opponent The Undertaker is. Edge gets himself counted out and Taker chokeslams him and leaves.

Eve Torres and Maryse get into a fight backstage. We see Buzz Aldrin backstage with Vickie Guerrero doing stuff I didn't care about. Mark Henry walks to the ring bandaged after his beating from Batista and only to have Batista COME OUT AGAIN and beat him down. If they are building up a Batista vs Henry feud maybe Batista isn't leaving. Yoshi Tatsu comes out to the ring his opponent is Ted DiBiase who (in the biggest shocker of the night) comes out with the real Virgil (who I'm glad hasn't gotten fat). I'd like to point out here that I hate Tatsu's theme cause it gets stuck in my head. The Miz is backstage killing it on the mic and walks to the ring still talking getting ready for his match. Bret comes out so it's Bret vs The Miz for the United States Title. Miz has Regal and Kozloff as bodyguards in case the Hart Dynasty interferes. Hart Dynasty gets the best of them and Bret puts Miz in a Sharpshooter and wins the United States Titles. The Title hasn't been defended for the last few PPV's say goodbye to any prestige it has left. I'm praying Bret vacats the title Monday so we have a tournament for a new champ.

We have a Diva's Tag Match with Layla, McCool, and Maryse vs Eve and *sigh* The Bella Twins. I only watched for the Bella Twins (not for their skills mind u) it lasted like 1 minute. John Cena cuts a promo backstage and Orton comes out. His opponent is Jack Swagger. Their match is going well when Edge comes out and spears Orton. Buzz Aldrin comes out babbling nonsense. Next Match Evan Bourne+Gail Kim vs Alicia Fox and Zack Ryder. Bourne and Kim wins and wow Zack Ryder has been on TV what 3 weeks in a row? I'm surprised. It's Sheamus vs John Cena in the main event. Their match was ok nothing spectacular Batista comes out and puts Cena in his new submission the "Batista Bite". I might also mention that WWE had some funny commercials since they were commercial free tonight. I enjoyed the R-Truth credit card one.

Overall: Raw was an average show nothing really happened cept feud buildup.

Eric Bischoff comes out with his lovely assistant to announce the standing for #1 contender.
10 Samoa Joe
9 Rob Terry (who is limping)
8 Desmond Wolfe
7 The Pope D'Angelo Dinero (who is still recovering) I can't wait for him to get his push again
6 Abyss
5 Mr. Anderson (who I'm assuming is turning face you'll see why later)
4 Jeff Hardy
3 AJ Styles
2 Kurt Angle
1 Sting (the guy with 6% of the votes won that makes sense)

Sting comes down to the ring and attacks Eric Bischoff. Jeff Hardy saves him but Sting really messed up Bischoffs leg. First match Roxxi vs Madison Rayne. WWE Diva's need to take notes on how the hell to wrestler if there is anything TNA has on WWE it's their Women's Division is ages better. Roxxi gets a win over the champion (I love Roxxi's finisher btw). Wolfe is backstage talking to a worried Chelsea. When we come back from commercial we get a video package with Kurt Angle for his return it was actually really touching. Kurt Angle comes out and talks about how he isn't the best but he wants to prove himself to the fans again. He is giving up his #2 spot for the World Title. Ric Flair is backstage promoting Beer Money's match vs Jay Lethal and his partner.

Next Match is Orland Jordan vs Rob Terry again. Jordan gets Dq'ed cause he won't break the hold on Rob Terry's injured leg. Jay Lethal comes out with his old music and without the Black Machismo gimmick. I'm glad they got rid of it now he can be taken seriously again hopefully he gets a push he's really passionate about the company and his feud with Ric Flair. The World Champion RVD is his partner vs Beer Money. Easily my favorite match of the night. Jay Lethal went back to using the Lethal Injection finisher and now he is using the Figure Four Leg Lock. RVD and Lethal win by submission. Flair attacks Lethal after the match.

This next part deserves it's own paragraph. In probaly the funniest thing I've seen in months on a wrestling show. RVD is going around the barricade shaking hands with fan. When a guy wearing a Sting Mask hits RVD with a chair. The guy removes the mask and it's Sting with the same facepaint on as the mask. That was so random and funny. The fans next to Sting made it better

Alright so RVD gets the beat down from Sting. Jeff Hardy cits a promo for his match with Sting tonight. Abyss comes out to the ring and secruity escorts Chelsea down. A funny part of this segment is someone in the crowd goes "YOUR HOT CHELSEA". Wolfe comes down and attacks the bodyguards and pulls a glass bottle from Chelsea's purse. He breaks it and threatens Abyss with it. He cuts Abyss with this bottle and Abyss screams "Shit" which is bleeped. I reported that Abyss needed around 17 stitches (really) for the wound. Chelsea stops Wolfe from killing Abyss i guess with the bottle when Abyss hits a Black Hole Slam. He puts Chelsea over his shoulder and takes her out of the Impact Zone.

Eric Young comes out and talks about joining the Band (I cringe everything I see Scott Hall with that title). O btw SCOTT HALL GOT ARRESTED FOR BEING DISORDERLY WHILE DRUNK. Gj signing him TNA. Sorry for that rant I hate Scott Hall.

Ink. Inc. comes to challenge the band I forgot to mention this but Jesse Neal and Bubba Ray got into an argument over their altercation at Sacrifice. Probaly building up to a Ink. Inc. vs 3D feud. Next match Eric Young vs Shannon Moore. Middle of the match Bubba Ray (not calling him Brother Ray) walks to ring and Jesse Neal attacks with Devon trying to break it up. Eric Young hits the Piledriver after Scott Hall hits Moore with belt. We come back to an X Division battle royal for the 10th spot on #1 contenders ladder. Since Angle gave up his #2 spot everyone moves down a slot so #10 was missing. Kazarian wins with Ric Flair congratulating him. (SPOILER ALERT FOR A FUTURE IMPACT INC---Ric Flair trades in Aj Styles for Kazarian)

Jeff Hardy vs Sting is next. I enjoyed the match. Sting is going for the SDD when Mr. Anderson comes out and hits him with the SDD. He finally gets the handshake Jeff Hardy refused him at Sacrifice. Face Mr. Anderson will be interesting.

Overall: I enjoyed Impact more then Raw. I liked the promos and the matches were decent.

Throughout the show we get some titantron promos with Big Show making fun of Swagger. The show starts off with the SES in the ring with 3 guys. They are promoting straightedge and then shave the heads of the 3 people as they pledge. Mysterio shows a picture of what punk would look like bald. Laycool faces Tiffany and Kelly Kelly and win. The match was actually pretty good Tiffany isn't that bad of a wrestler (at least compared to how horrible Layla is). JTG faces off vs Caylen Croft and wins. Christian is bringing the peep show back and denies Vickie on the show.

We come back to Vance Archer and Curt Hawkins saying they have 30 days to make an impact. They destroy some local jobbers. Hopefully we get more tag teams soon they don't job aka Dudebusters. Jack Swagger comes to the ring looking like he is about to cry because of what happened last week. Show distracts Swagger allowing Kofi to get the win. He showed a big KOFI JUST BEAT YOU on the titantron. The surprise guest for the peepshow is Hornswoggle. Christian teaches him some canadian words like beer and hockey. Vickie and Chavo come out to interrupt and he calls her a moose. Dolph attacks Christian from behind and Chavo hits a frog splash. Rey Mysterio and MVP face off vs SES for what like the third time in a row? Rey takes out the mystery man this week and pins Punk for the win.

The final match is Drew McIntyre vs Big Show which ended in McIntyre attacking Show with a chair only to have him punch it.

Overall: Smackdown was average had more wrestling than Raw and showcased the midcard.

I have to say the best show was TNA this week.

I'll do my Over The Limit Predictions soon good night.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

My WWE Over the Limit” Preview

I’m back after a 2 day vacation from, bad grammar, and “Random Villains” to bring you new and exciting “Professional Wrestling Enlightenment”. Today I’ll be going over the card for WWE’s “Over the Limit”. I’ll be going over my thoughts and professional view-point. I’ll be talking about what I expect and who I think should win.

-Eve vs. Maryse for the Divas Championship.
This match I expect next to nothing from. I can see this match lasting all of about 5 minuets. However I do expect some decent offense from these to divas. Knowing Maryse & Eve they will both pull out some unpredictable offence. Eve will pull off a major spot and Maryse will hit some type of high-impact kicks or knees to the head. Winner: Eve. I hate to say it but the WWE has faith in her ability and I don’t think they’re going to just have her drop the title after she just won it. Then again they did it to Jillian Hall so don’t be surprised. The best we can hope for though is like a 3 star match and a nice finish.

-Ted DiBiase (w/Virgil) vs. R-Truth. For some reason I think this match will be short on time. I know these to can put on an awesome match but this match will be low-balled. Or they’ll be changing the stipulation so R-Truth has to be Ted’s new Bitch--- I mean Virgil if he loses. I expect a some-what slow and match with a high-spot or 2. Winner: Ted DiBiase. You should see this coming at you like an atom bomb. He has Virgil, The Colons (Or rather Colon unless they add Tito to the roster), and he has the “Million Dollar Championship”. Ted is in mid push mode. I doubt that Ted’s going to be stopped anytime soon.

-The Hart Dynasty vs. Chris Jericho and The Miz for the Unified Tag Team Titles. Well this is an interesting match. I feel as though this match will somehow involve, Teddy Hart, Bret Hart, and/or Daniel Bryan. Teddy is who I’ve been waiting. But this match will have decent time. But I don’t really get what Chris and Miz bring to the table as a Tag-Team. They are great superstars but it seams a little random and the Hart Dynasty needs help. They are great wrestlers but they need to mold themselves more. The H Dynasty needs to get a few more Tag-Team and single star moves in their arsenal. They also need to realize that Natalya is a wrestler, Valet, and eye-candy. She is in some cases the ultimate weapon of the Hart Dynasty. Winner: Hart Dynasty. It would only make senses to keep the only actual team (Hart Dynasty) as tag-team champs. Expect to see some technical wrestling, Hart Attack 2.0, and Sharpshooter to end the match.

-Randy Orton vs. Edge. I don’t know what to expect. These are to of the most unpredictable wrestlers in the WWE today. This is our modern-day Triple H vs. Stone Cold. I expect a few bumps and a small amount of weapon use. I also expect to see some form of interference from Shamus. Winner: This one is hard to call, but I’m going to make a wild guess and say Edge. I’m completely guessing. Oh and this match will be one of the longer matches.

-Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk in a Straight Edge Society Pledge vs. Hair Match. This is going to be a match of the night candidate Every time Cm Punk and Rey Mysterio get in the ring, they really perform. I think this match will get decent time. Well enough time to get the point across. I also think that we’ll finally see the mysterious masked man. Winner: “Your savior and the new Raven” Cm Punk. It’s about time this storyline folded or opened a new door. That being said, I think Rey’s going to join the SES. Then he’ll get beaten to a pulp and use that time to recover.

-Drew McIntyre vs. Kofi Kingston for the Intercontinental Title. This match is like watching a Chavo Guerrero match. No matter who Chavo wrestles I want to change the channel. In this case Kofi, it’s not your fault. I would actually crash my car (If Kofi’s case) if it means I wouldn’t have to wrestle with that boring, talent less, Roddy Piper wanna be. Winner: I pray to god Kofi wins but I think it’s going to be Drew Mc(Mahon)Intyre. Why you ask? Because Vince McMahon wants me to kill myself, and won’t stop pushing my buttons until I do. But in all serious-ness I doubt they would give Drew back the title for him to lose it so soon.

-Jack Swagger vs. Big Show for the World Title. Well I can’t say I’m looking forward to seeing this match. But I think it’ll be better the Drew McIntyre’s match by far. Now this match will be highly dominated by the Big Show unless, Swagger works on the leg. Even then I think Big Show will still dominate. I also think we can expect a slow and boring match. Winner: Big Show. I don’t know how he’s going to do it but he will. I don’t think Big Show is walking away from this match with a belt though. He could maybe win by DQ or count out, but no title for the big man.

-John Cena vs. Batista in an "I Quit" match for the WWE Title. Believe it or not I think this will be the match of the night. Cena put on 2 classic matches with Batista and I think this will be the best yet. Now Originally I know this match was to be a “Loser Leaves WWE” match but that’s been changed and now we can enjoy an “I Quit” match. I think this will be a hardcore style match. Now they’re going to beat each-others ass then… Winner: John Cena. Hey Batista wants to retire? Fine, but if they wanted shock value then they should have kept it a better secret. I didn’t have to think about the winner before or after. Nor do I have to think about Batista going mad and “Quitting” after the match. Plus Cena has never lost an “I Quit” match. Hint, hint, (you’ve got to be a complete retard if you don’t see this coming) hint.

Well I hope you all enjoyed my article or preview for the “Over the Limit” Pay-Per-View. It’s gonna be a wild ride. And unlike TNA it’s not going to be held in the same place as all of the TV tapings. So have a nice day and don’t forget to stop back at for all the latest facts, rumors, and updates. I’m out.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Carlito Fired By WWE and Other News

-Abyss recieved 17 stitches as a result of his whole arm getting cut by Desmond Wolfe with a broken bottle. I assume it was intended but it musta hurt like a bitch cause Abyss cursed and that guy knows pain.

-WWE has confirmed Carlito Colon has been released due to his first violation of WWE's Wellness Policy and refusing to attend rehab. See you in TNA Carlito.

-Last TNA did a .96 rating

-Undertaker signed autographs at a FCW show last night.

-Randy Orton did an interview.

-Rey Mysterio had another pay dispute with WWE officials. He's been having a lot of problems lately if he isn't careful Dos Caras Jr. will replace him.

-Today is Chris Benoits B-day RIP

-Ted DiBiase Jr did an interview with IGN

I'll post a review of the wrestling shows tommrow I still haven't finished Smackdown.

Video: WWE Meets Saved by the Bell

Well for anyone that feels WWE's TV-PG product is a joke, this video puts it all in perspective. It's almost scary how well clips from the past year or so in WWE fit right in with this Saved by the Bell intro. Word is WWE is looking to create an animated series, and that will probably look something like this when all is said and done. The video speaks for itself.....the WWE Champion was once the best wrestler in the company, the guy that represented the company as the main the WWE Champion is the Zack Morris of WWE.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Top Future Hall of Fame Contenders That Wrestle Currently

This is an article I wanted to put up for a while figured I'd just throw it up today it is about the wrestlers who are currently active in the WWE that I believe will be in the hall of fame in the future.

1. Shawn Michaels (had to make an exception he's an obvious choice)

2. The Undertaker (of course)

3. John Cena (First Hogan, then Stone Cold, Cena is next)

4. Triple H (Once HHH retires he's definitely in unless he pisses off Vince)

5. Chris Jericho (One of the best workers in the company it'd be a crime to not induct him).

6. Kane (Believe it or not but I actually can see WWE putting Kane in the HOF after he retires, although not as fast as the others)

Possible Canidates: Edge (very unlikely), Randy Orton
Final Note: Hopefully WWE starts inducting some old WCW guys and even people who retire who aren't with the WWE like Kurt Angle. Randy Savage has been due a induction for years now make it happen WWE.

Goldust's Gimmick in a PG Era

I recently re-watched a match on WWE Superstars between Chris Jericho and Goldust and while it was a good match seeing Goldust wearing his trademark wig and robes made me think. How is Goldust's gimmick holding up in WWE's PG Era.

Dustin Runnels aka Dustin Rhodes is the son of WWE HOF Dusty Rhodes. He debuted in the WWF in 1995 as a cross-dressing man obessed with gold and films. His character had many homosexual traits that he used to make fun of other wrestlers in the ring and promos.

Perhaps Goldust's most memorable time in the WWE was when he formed a tag team with Booker T. The two created many hilarious promos and were all around a great tag team to watch that was reminescent of the old Rock n Sock Connection.

Enough backstory however now we move on to the topic. Goldust's gimmick as stated above is that he is a goldfaced freak who dresses in robes and wears a blonde wig. I am personally surprised WWE has kept the gimmick since his return from TNA. I assumed WWE management would have been worried that parents would get angry about having to explain why a man is wearing a wig to their children. I would say the gimmick is the main reason Goldust isn't on TV that much but I'd contribute the majority of that to the fact that he went to TNA (before that he didn't get that much TV time either).

I have no problem with the gimmick it is who Goldust is to take it away would destroy his character. Considering Goldust is in his early 40's I doubt he'll get the TV time he deserves. It's a shame he's really underrated.

Here is a link for the Goldust vs Jericho match it's very good.

Watch TNA tonight for Chelsea (o and some wrestling).

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Thoughts on NXT Rookies

This isn't a review of the last NXT just wanted to talk about some stuff going on.

There are 4 rookies left the current poll is:

#1 Wade Barrett

#2 David Otunga

#3 Heath Slater

#4 Justin Gabriel

Going to break down the rookies first. First off Justin Gabriel. This guy is decent in the ring nothing spectacular. His finisher is great however his mic skills are horrendous. I can't see this guy surviving the next elimination.

Heath Slater aka the One Man Rock Band. Slater is a guy who's comfortable in the ring his cocky attitude would make him a great heel but I can see him as a tweener. His mic skills are mediocre but better than Gabriel's. Slater is great at pumping up a crowd which is crucial during a match. I still have no idea what his finisher is I think he's won all his matches by roll-up.

David "A-List" Otunga, this guy has a lot of starpower for the WWE. Being married to someone famous gives him a better chance at making it. WWE seems to have some faith in him by letting him work SD dark matches. His mic skills and charisma are very high although his in-ring skills need some work. He has a great look and an "ok" finisher (pretty much a standing spinebuster).

The top dog, Wade Barrett. I knew this guy would be 1st or 2nd place in the competition the first time he came to the ring with Jericho. There is a reason he was a commentator in FCW, he can talk. His mic skills are levels ahead of every other rookie. Barrett's in-ring skills are very good but that doesn't mean there is not room for improvement. He's a big guy with a devastating finisher that suits him well. Barrett said it himself expect to see a world title around his waist in the future. I actually can see a lot of Jericho in Barrett is Jericho mentors this guy he will be huge. One more thing, did WWE Headquarters just forget to give him his theme music? He won a competition where he was supposed to get his own music to come out to so he could set himself apart from the other rookies we haven't seen it yet.

Some News From This Week

-Batista is calling the submission he attacked Cena with on Raw the "Batista Bite" apparently.

-Chris Jericho says he doesn't plan on retiring soon

-The Ultimate Warrior did a shoot blog on Ted DiBiase Sr.

-Kane defeated Dos Caras Jr in a dark match

-Tons of TNA spoilers have been floating around (not posting spoilers unless it's something huge) but one thing I will say is rumor is RVD will defend Heavyweight title vs Sting at Slammiversary

I'll have a show review Friday I'll be posting some filler articles today and tommrow.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Daniel Bryan Shoots on Michael Cole - A Taste of What Wrestling Needs

Tonight one of the best segments, if not THE best segment ever produced by NXT aired. Ever since the show began, Michael Cole has been on Daniel Bryan's (Bryan Danielson's) case for being an "indy guy" and an "Internet sensation," but not having what it takes to be in WWE. This story is rare for WWE, actually playing off realism here and actually acknowledging that Bryan is a big star outside of WWE and internationally. Last week Bryan was one of the first guys eliminated from NXT, even though the "pro's" have constantly rated Bryan at the top of the list, even though he's been booked to lose every one of his matches. The reality is that everyone knows Danielson is one of the most exciting in ring performers of this era, and it's good to see all of this looks like it will actually keep going story wise. After being eliminated, Bryan walked the line of reality as he mentioned Daniel Bryan being a WWE creation, a nice guy, etc., but Bryan Danielson was the guy who is the international star and champion everywhere he's been. This type of thing is very rare for WWE, who usually tries to pretend guys don't have any pasts, and only what they do in WWE counts. Tonight things went a step further, as Bryan was interviewed in the ring about his elimination. Bryan once again mentioned being eliminated by WWE management, not the fans or pro's, and shot on the fact that many of the pros know he is hte best. Then things got ugly, as the real Bryan Danielson came out, and shot on Michael Cole for his weekly comments about Danielson having no personality and not having "it." Danielson called Cole a "poor man's JR," (another rarity since JR hasn't been mentioned on TV, and his contract has expired) and proceeded to get in Cole's face and slapped and kicked Cole before being restrained. This segment was very well done, and the intensity was brought by Bryan. While this was an intense story that blurred the line of reality, it brought back memories of the angles that really make people question what they are seeing. How real was it, how scripted, was it a shoot? All questions that stir interest, and no wrestling promotion is stirring interest like that right now. So if Daniel Bryan being cut from NXT leads to Bryan Danielson ending up on one of the show, getting in the ring, and going full force showing that he really does have "it," then it will all make sense and make for one of the most intriguing storylines in years.....who can argue that slapping Michael Cole in the face isn't a great start to it all.

Monday, May 17, 2010

TNA Sacrifice Results

Motor City Machineguns beat Team 3D and Beer Money for #1 Contender spot. Hopefully they get their tag titles soon.

Rob Terry beat Orlando Jordan for Global Championship but was attacked after the match.

Doug Williams beat Kazarian for the X Division Championship. I am inclined to believe he would not have lost it at Lockdown.

Madison Rayne defeated Tara for TNA Knockouts Championship. The TNA Knockout's division is getting smaller and smaller hopefully Tara aka Victoria returns to WWE to knock some sense into the some of the divas on how to wrestle.

The Band defeated Ink Inc. for the TNA Tag Team Championships. We get to see more Scott Hall awesome.

Abyss defeated Desmond Wolfe for Chelsea and the Hall of Fame Ring. I used to think Bryan Danielson got the worst end of the stick by going to WWE but it's obvious Nigel Mcgunniess made a mistake going to TNA. Abyss says he will see Chelsea Thursday (why not his hotel room the same night is beyond me).

Jeff Hardy defeated Mr.Anderson. Can Mr. Anderson get a clean win on a PPV? He's been in TNA for how long?

Sting defeated Jeff Jarrett nothing more to really say here except Sting attacked him after the match.

Rob Van Dam beat AJ Styles TNA World Heavyweight Championship. I wish I had a chance to see this hopefully highlights will be up this week.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some Thoughts on TNA,RAW, and Smackdown

I didn't have time to write full reviews this week but here are some things I wanted to post about the shows.


Flavor Flav was an ok guest host he didn't get in the way. Randy Orton RKOing Meatloaf was pretty good. I enjoyed Regal's rap. Hopefully Vickie comes back to be General Manager. I'm glad Ted DiBiase is getting a push I hope his stable goes through despite the mishaps. Zack Ryder is still a jobber. Mark Henry is getting TV time. I am interested to see where this Miz-Bret hart storyline goes. Mark Henry slowly gets in the ring allowing his opponent plenty of time to attack him with a chair.

Overall Raw had several good matches. It was an average Raw show nothing spectacular.


Chelsea claims to have been attacked by Abyss and gets him arrested. This whole Hall of Fame ring crap needs to stop at Sacrifice, but hey if Abyss wins Chelsea she gets more TV time so thats a plus. Tara did some stuff with the knockouts nothing worth mentioning. Kazarian decides it'd be a great idea not to run as fast as he can to the ring to grab his belt. SCOTT HALL HAS A CHAMPIONSHIP IN 2010 WHY WHY WHY!!!! Orlando Jordan defeats Rob Terry again and then squashes Tomko's fatass. Jeff Hardy vs RVD vs AJ Styles (i swear i thought this was for the title). It was a good match could've been longer and had more spots but I'm not complaining. Hardy jumping onto Anderson was great and he gave the fans some love.

Overall TNA was the worst show out of the week definitely.


Kofi vs Christian to start it out got me and the audience pumped. It was a great match with a lot of reversals. Drew Mcintyre got the IC title back to build up the feud. Shad squashed some no-name it's too late to take him seriously as a heel. That loss to JTG killed all his momentum. Swagger and Big Show had an amazing promo with Swagger's trophies. It was hilarious with Big Show doing a nice punt kick. Beth Phoenix lost her title because she is going in for surgery on her ACL. MVP and JTG beat the Dudebusters who are what one of 3 actual tag teams. I liked the finish to Cm Punk vs Mysterio. Their match next week is going to be explosive.

Overall Smackdown had the best show by far. Better promos, better matches, and it got you excited for the matches at Over the Limit.

Some Random Wrestling News Going on

-Looks like Cody Rhodes is going to have a new gimmick by being dubbed "The Uncommon" Cody Rhodes now. Sounds crappy to me.

-David Otunga will be working Smackdown house shows. Looks like WWE has faith in his future.

-There has been a huge rumor floating around involving the World Heavyweight Championship at Summerslam

-TNA will be having some budget cuts

-John Morrison had an ankle injury at a RAW house show hopefully it doesn't stall his push (if he gets one)

-John Cena started an official twitter a few days ago

-WWE has been pushing more of their stars to use Twitter but rumor is the higher ups want superstars to use it to push feuds rather then personal info.

-TNA will be debuting a team named "Los Ben Dojos" soon possibly they lost a house show match to Generation Me. Their gimmick is pretty much Mexican stereotypes sorta like a Mexican Crymetyme.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

TNA Sacrifice Card and Predictions

Unless we get some surprise matches here is the card for tommrow's TNA PPV Sacrifice

Rob Terry(c) vs Orlando Jordan TNA Global Championship

Match will be mediocre expect Jordan to win though so TNA can give him more TV time.

Sting vs Jeff Jarret

Jeff Jarret nothing more to say.

Kazarian(c) vs Doug (i refuse to call him Douglas) Williams X Divison Championship

I find it funny that Doug still has the belt and when Kazarian had a chance to grab the belt he slowly walks to the ring to grab it.

Desmond Wolfe vs Abyss Chelsea vs Ring

Abyss will win, Desmond Wolfe's talent will be wasted, and we will get to see more of the lovely Chelsea on TV (thats a good thing).

Madison Rayne(c) vs Tara Title vs Career TNA Knockout's Championship

Madison Rayne to win because rumor has it Tara is leaving TNA.

The Band (Nash and Hall)(c) vs Ink. Inc. (Moore and Jesse Neal) TNA Tag Team Championship

The Band will win but my god I don't want to see Scott Hall hold a title, wrestle, or get TV time.

Beer Money Inc (James Storm and Robert Roode) vs Motor City Machineguns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) vs Team 3D (Ray and Devon) (Screw WWE for copyrighting the Dudley Boyz) for a #1 Contender oppourtunity for Tag Titles

Can we please give MCMG the tag titles.

Rob Van Dam(c) vs AJ Styles TNA World Heavyweight Championship

Going to be a great match but expect RVD to retain.

Jeff Hardy vs Mr.Anderson

Jeff Hardy to win.

Overall the card for this show is very lackluster. I'd save my money for Over the Limit next week. Also I hope they add Matt Morgan vs Joe at the last minute if they do expect Joe to win.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ultimate Wrestlemania Draft Challenge

I was reading this article on

The challenge looks interesting so I figured I'd post it here with my own list (which will be up by the end of the day). I want to see some creative lists so post yours in the comments below.

"The challenge is to create the ultimate Wrestlemania card while following two rules"

Rule 1: You can only select one match per Wrestlemania
Rule 2: No wrestler can participate in more then one match so if you want Hogan in a tag match one Wrestlemania you can't choose him in a singles match. Managing and being a referee don't count against a wrestler. So you could have Ric Flair for example be a manager or referee in a match but still have him in your card.

If you want Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart you can't have Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels. Decisions Decisions.
Have fun.

Wrestlemania 1: Wendi Richter vs Leilani Kani
Wrestlemania 2: Mr.T vs Roddy Piper
Wrestlemania 3: Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant
Wrestlemania 4: Brutus Beefcake vs Honkey Tonk Man
Wrestlemania 5: Rick Rude vs Ultimate Warrior
Wrestlemania 6: Ted DiBiase vs Jake Roberts
Wrestlemania 7: The British Bulldog vs The Warlord
Wrestlemania 8: Owen Hart vs Skinner (had to fit Owen in somehow)
Wrestlemania 9: Doink the Clown vs Crush
Wrestlemania 10: Yokozuna vs Lex Luger
Wrestlemania 11: Razor Ramon vs Jeff Jarret
Wrestlemania 12: The Bodydonnas vs The Godwinns
Wrestlemania 13: Bret Hart vs Stone Cold Steve Austin
Wrestlemania 14: Taka Michinoku vs Aguila
Wrestlemania 15: Hardcore Holly vs Billy Gunn vs Al Snow
Wrestlemania 16: Rikishi and Kane vs X-Pac and Road Dogg
Wrestlemania 17: Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit
Wrestlemania 18: Diamond Dallas Page vs Christian
Wrestlemania 19: Triple H vs Booker T
Wrestlemania 20: Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar
Wrestlemania 21: Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero
Wrestlemania 22: Edge vs Mick Foley
Wrestlemania 23: Great Khali vs Kane
Wrestlemania 24: JBL vs Finlay
Wrestlemania 25: Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels
Wrestlemania 26: John Cena vs Batista

If you aren't familiar with a few of the matches beforehand it can be a pain unless ur willing to go back a bunch of times and revise.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Quick NXT Recap

The rookies come out and we discover that Michael Tarver and Daniel Bryan are the first person eliminated because they said they did not belong on NXT last week.

Match 1 Wade Barret vs Heath Slater

Wade Barret takes the win

Tarver is backstage with Striker saying pretty much nothing.

Match 2 Skip Sheffield vs Darren Young

Skip Sheffield gets the win (I swear he seems like a Stone Cold copy with the bald head, black vest, and stunner finisher)

Daniel Bryan is doing an interview. He states that Daniel Bryan is done but Bryan Danielson has just begun so hopefully the creative team pulls their heads out of their asses.

Match 3 David Otunga vs Justin Gabriel

David Otunga wins.

After the match the remaining rookies are by the ring. We learn that Sheffield is eliminated and he says this isn't the last of him (it probaly is though).

The main theory atm is that Bryan Danielson will show up on Raw to take Miz's US title in place of Bret Hart. Here's hoping to him being used.

Monday, May 10, 2010

FINALLY No More Guest Hosts, New Raw GM

As announced Raw will have no more cele guest hosts. Vickie Guerrero is the new permanent GM. Finally we have can have a chance for some interesting storylines. Sucks for Chavo on Smackdown though.

Edit: Looks Like I spoke too soon Vickie Guerrero resigned same night because Orton scared her.

Hopefully I'll have a Raw results post up tommrow.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Triple H in Jail

An initial report has said that Triple H is in jail after a house show that resulted in the superstar assaulting his very own protege Sheamus. The report indicates that Sheamus was making fun of HHH's best friend Shawn Michaels having spinal cancer which in turn caused the veteran to attack him repeatedly backstage.

Again these are initial reports: we will update the validity of these claims when the information is present

**EDIT** This is a completely false report, no sources are reporting it, and is obviously very "out there." Please check sources before posting such obviously false info - TMW **

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Does TNA Need A "Face" for the Company?

Right now TNA is definitely in distress. They've failed in their goal to conquer Monday Nights and are back on Thursday where they will hopefully not have a problem re-establishing themselves. Now that TNA is back on Thursday's they have a chance (at least in my opinion) to start fresh again. Time for them to see where they are and what direction they need to go into before they try anything drastic again.

So on to the topic does TNA need a face of the company. Right now the psuedo faces of the company are Hulk Hogan and Dixie Carter. While there is nothing wrong with this I can't help but feel the company would do better with a wrestling face.

The WWE as a prime example is big on having a face for the company. Hulk Hogan to Stone Cold/The Rock to John Cena. The face doesn't have to be a good guy but someone who can move tickets whether by fans wanting to see them win or lose. Cena is such a huge draw because fans pay to see him win or lose. He gets huge wrestling crowds coming in groups sporting "We Hate Cena" signs and shirts. I'm not a big expert on Ring of Honor so correct me if I'm wrong but I'm under the impression that Bryan Danielson could've been considered the face of ROH.

Before they started the whole AJ Styles/Ric Flair deal he would've been the perfect face for TNA. This whole crappy Ric Flair copy gimmick is ruining his fanbase. These older guys pushing the younger guys out of the spotlight essentially makes it harder to push a face. Right now however it seems they are grooming Rob Van Dam to take that spot. Which is a good idea because he is one of the most popular wrestlers in North America. If they fuck up this RVD push though (which I'm praying they don't) the Pope would be my next in line. They had a great chance to put the World Title on him and cement him as a main eventer and essentially make him a huge star but that loss to AJ destroyed all his momentum. Pope has a great gimmick and far better mic skills then AJ Styles with ring skills to back it up (although his finisher sucks something fierce). I'd even say Jay Lethal could potentially be this "face" for the company but I doubt they will pursue that.

Comment and troll below with whether you agree or disagree on if TNA needs someone who can their "face". Essentially whether or not they need someone fans can come to cheer or boo and someone who can move merchandise.

Until next time (and sorry for not covering Smackdown).

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Raw vs Smackdown Rosters After Draft

Let's take a quick look at how the rosters are shaping up for the year.


Main Event:

John Cena(WWE Champion)



Triple H

Chris Jericho


Randy Orton

Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith (since winning the titles they count but barely)(Tag Team Champions but can appear on both brands so kinda in the middle)


Evan Bourne

John Morrison



Ted DiBiase Jr.(Million Dollar Champion)

The Miz(United States Champion)


Alicia Fox

Bella Twins





Gail Kim

Eve Torres(Divas Champion)

Guys Lucky To Get 5 Seconds of TV Time:


Mark Henry


Vladimir Kozlov

William Regal

Yoshi Tatsu

Zack Ryder



Ezekiel Jackson(injury)

Great Khali and Ranjin Singh

Jerry Lawler

Justin Roberts

Michael Cole


Main Event:

Jack Swagger(World Heavyweight Champion)

Big Show

CM Punk

Rey Mysterio


Drew McIntyre(Intercontinental Champion)

Caylen Croft and Trent Barreta, The Dudebusters


Cody Rhodes

Dolph Ziggler


Shad Gaspard

Kofi Kingston

Luke Gallows

Matt Hardy




Beth Phoenix(Women's Champion)

Michelle McCool


Kelly Kelly

Rosa Mendes



Guys Lucky To Get 5 Seconds of TV Time:

Chris Masters(better pad out that pec flexing time)


Tyler Reks

Vance Archer


Theodore Long

Vickie Guerrero

Matt Striker

Tony Chimel

Todd Grisham

The Undertaker(pretty sure he is still taking time off and only came back to Raw cause of the volcano)

First let us compare main eventers. Raw recently got a few main eventers most likely to get more stars to Raw before Smackdown goes to SyFy or to combat TNA (which worked). Raw has 7 (not counting tag team champs) to Smackdown's 4. Look for Smackdown to add a new midcarder to the main event in the coming months.

Next, let's look at the midcard. Raw has 6 only 3 of which I'd say has a shot at the United State's Championship. Ted and The Miz have belts so the only likely choices are Evan Bourne and John Morrison. R-Truth is a possibility however we'll have to wait still his feud with Ted is over to see. Smackdown is midcard Heaven at the moment with 13. Taking away Luke Gallows, Kane, The Dudebusters, and the IC Champ leaves 8 with a title shot. Christian is the only one likely to move up to the main event.

On to the Diva's, Raw currently has 9 Diva's and about 2 who do not wrestle (Melina injury and Natalya because she is a manager). Smackdown has 7 and 1 who does not wrestle (Serena). Diva's are pretty even though I expect the title to go on Kelly Kelly before the year is done.

Lastly the wasted people, Raw has 7 and Smackdown has 4. 5 people on the Raw list were fortunate enough to get some screen time (and some even got to wrestle!). With Smackdown Chris Masters is the only one I can remember seeing on TV for a long time and that was about 10 seconds of muscle flexing.

Overall Raw is looking to keep their top guys at the top. Smackdown has tons of oppurtunity to promote some new stars. On a final note it sucks to see a good wrestler like Santino (yes he can wrestle) be the butt of the joke week after week he is a 2 time IC champion give him some ring-time for god's sake and keep Hornswoggle off TV. Also The Miz and Jericho look to form a tag team so I predict a title drop from Miz and with Jericho in the tag team division again that is one less main eventer. Perhaps John Morrison can take his place.

Comment and Troll Below.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Night Wars Have Been Won

It's official according to Mike Tenay a few minutes ago. The Wars are over Raw has won TNA is going back to Thursday where they belong. We all saw this coming but why TNA didn't try to compete with NXT or Smackdown is beyond me.

Spoiled Spoiled Spoiled!

There has been a LOT of heat between "hardcore" wrestling fans (TNA) and (As our own Random Villain would say) ADHD poster children who watch WWE in the past few months. People ripping on WWE for being PG-TV, others ripping on TNA for lackluster story lines and feuds. I honestly have been a part of the ripping on TNA for constipated thinking but a question has re-entered my head, why is there such a problem in pro wrestling? (Despite the obvious push for different products)

The answer is this: The Monday Night Wars and superstars like Hogan and Stone Cold have put the bar so high that no matter how hard someone works, no matter how talented they may be, the odds are just to great for a replication to occur. We have become a very spoiled group and I am talking to all wrestling fans. How can we expect anyone to repeat the runs that Stone Cold Steve Austin or Hulk Hogan had? Who is going to have the same eerie presence that Sting and Undertaker displayed during the peaks of their careers? Ric Flair is arguably the greatest wrestler of all time, Shawn Michaels is the greatest in ring performer of all time, the Rock the greatest charismatic character of all time......these guys are either retired or desperately clinging to their youth. We all grew up during a time where wrestling had taken off and was the greatest thing going. What many people can't fathom is that people get old and careers come to an end. So you either stick with the business and root for new guys or stop watching. Plain and Simple.

One set of debates going on, (And i wish the anonymous posting was gone) is that "We have seen these matches 100 times already" My friends, this statement has really got me believing that people hate WWE just because they want to hate it. Pro Wrestling is synonymous with repetition. The top guns in the promotions ALWAYS wrestle each other. I recall one comment saying to someone named Ted or Bob (I really hate how the posting comments application works) that the difference between the Rock and Austin feuds compared to today's feuds is that they were actually good. This all beginning with them calling either Ted or Bob a moron. My thoughts on that comment are this: Do you truly understand the business? or are you desperately looking for any reason to hate WWE? How many times have we seen big names feud with each other multiple times?

The four horseman always feuded with the American Dream and Sting.

Stone Cold and the Rock

Hogan and Sting

Flair and Sting

Flair and Ricky Steamboat

Undertaker and Kane

Undertaker and Austin,

Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart

the list is virtually endless and I haven't even gone into TAG TEAMS yet.

Orton and Cena are going to feud many more times before they both call it quits. The two most over guys in the business? It is foolish not to. I'd question the sanity of anyone who thinks that match up isn't good for business.

Another issue is the PG-TV rating. Is it so wrong to have it? Not when you the majority of your audience is "ADHD kids" as Random Villain says. WWE knew that replicating the attitude era is not going to work. The wrestling fans of that time won't allow anyone to come remotely close to Austin or Hogan. So they did what any smart business tycoon can do; they focus on the needs of kids.

What is wrong with that by the way? Why is it so wrong for John Cena being cheered by kids? Teaching them values, teaching them hard work, the guy is an active part of grant a wish foundation and yet all the "hardcore" fans bash him because he does what EVERY WWE WRESTLER IN THE PAST 20 YEARS HAS DONE. 5 moves and boom. Everyone cheered Hogan for it, everyone cheered Austin for it. People sometimes hate just to hate and that is fact I have come to live with. IF you are going to hate on Cena or anyone who you deem "unworthy" remember this. The people you idolized and loved for all those years ditched the companies that made them.....Cena eats breathes and LIVES for for thought.

Needless to say, the attitude era, ruined professional wrestling. Why? because of the bar that it set for the future stars. WWE realized this, TNA will realize it sooner or later. We as fans have become so spoiled that all future stars are destined to fail. Because of the narrow thinking, people are missing GREAT performers right now. Randy Orton could be the greatest ever before its said and done. Cena, whether you like him or not, is known EVERYWHERE. Edge and Jericho are still great and the new stars have a very bright future. AJ styles is great, Kurt Angle may be the most pure breed star ever. Please stop looking backward fans. Things change. Move with the flow instead of fighting it because as the old saying goes, "Fighting the wind does not show bravery, it shows stupidity"

Saturday, May 1, 2010

WWE Shareholders Meeting

WWE recently held it's annual shareholder's meeting. Some topics discussed:

WWE TV Network
TV contents
International Expansion
WWE Audience

The Full video can be found here

Bubba the Love Sponge Fired by TNA

A few months ago we covered the backstage fight between Bubba the Love Sponge and Awesome Kong which lead to Awesome Kong leaving TNA. Since then, Bubba has continued to be an on air personality with TNA, from being a backstage interviewer and getting knocked out by Mick Foley, to be aligned with "The Band" most recently on TV. Well it seems Bubba just couldn't let the Kong situation go, as recently on his radio show, he had another DJ call Kong, and then ambush her live on the radio with a profanity laced tirade. Bubba challenged Kong to some sort of sanctioned fight, of course just to drum up publicity for his own show since we all know Kong would destroy his ass, and still, Bubba couldn't help but mock Haiti once again. Well now TNA has let Bubba go over it, as it seems he finally went too far for TNA to keep using him. Really the TNA show isn't going to be hurt by Bubba's departure, and maybe it will open the door for a Kong return, who was definitely a unique character in the Knockouts division. Here is the audio of what went down on Bubba's show, and this will likely be our farewell to Bubba the Love Sponge, as we can't see him doing anything worth mentioning here again.