Wednesday, April 21, 2010

WWE Raw Thoughts

Time for someone elses thoughts on things around here. Lets talk about this pile of crap now called WWE Raw.....

First up! The comedy hour with Triple H! Joke time! Oh man, he is such a cut up.... uh oh here comes CM Punk.... no way Rey comes out.... no way somehow somethings turns into a tag match later on...................

Drew vs Hardy.... no way Drew wins this one.....DAMN! I was so close! Not predictable at all in any way shape or form.

Uh oh Kozlov is out there. No way this somehow turns into some kind of stupid comedy hour segment. DAMN! FOOLED AGAIN! Wow, did they really just blow up R Truth? Totally, didn't see him run into the back there. Oh what was that?! A tag match for the main event?! Didn't see that one coming, at all, seriously.

1 hour into Raw and we finally get our 2nd match. Swagger vs Undertaker. Hey, here is an awesome idea WWE. Let's put the world title on someone, and then have him get his ass kicked constantly. Way to put over your world champ.

I so wanna turn Raw off right now, this is idiotic, no way it can get any worse..................

Kozlov vs Macgruber, good lord. Spoke too soon. HAhahaha alright, Ryan Phillippe is there so at least it is a little cool. Sorry but since the epic opening scene of The Way Of The Gun, I have been a big Ryan Phillippe fan. Oh good, more comedy with uh, Khalgruber? Yeah I was busy watching the opening scene to The Way Of The Gun instead of giving a crap about this match.

Tag match time, who gives a crap. 4 matches total. Typical Raw show. I'm sorry but if you thought that Raw was even the tiniest bit better than TNA Impact tonight then you are a 12 year old with ADD. Seriously, fart jokes, pee jokes, and 4 damn matches? 2 of which shouldn't even count because who the hell really cared other than little idiot kids?

I said it before, and I stand but it to this day, Raw is for little kids with ADD. TNA is for wrestling fans.

This is probably the last Raw I will go out of my way even the tiniest bit to watch. I don't even wanna waste the space on my DVR to record this crap anymore.


  1. Thank you bro, u said everything I was thinking. RAW is a piece of shit, and the ratings are falling. I hope u cut them every week on their bullshit, and give us some thoughts on TNA too. RV fuckin D baby, THAS a champion!

  2. For what Raw had to work with it was an ok show. No gimmicky diva matches thank gods. TNA had a better show but they pulled out all the stops while Raw was on its knees.

  3. Gotta love Van Dam winning the title TNA fans...what a joke. You call WWE for ADD kids and TNA is for wrestling fans? What kind of story is having burke #1 contender and then have the title change hands to RVD? makes TONS of sense.....and did you forget about the natural disaster that took place. Raw is a better product always will be enjoy your .8 rating and horrible storylines

  4. Makes almost as much sense as the title not changing hands at Wrestlemania, and then changing hands to Swagger and having him lose constantly while being world champ huh?

  5. Cena won the WWE title and WWE went against tradition and didn't allow the Royal Rumble winner to win the title.....actually a good move. At least WWE is putting belts on the young guys to build confidence. What message is TNA sending to its younger talent? WE DON'T TRUST YOU.

  6. So you LIKE watching a wrestling show where blood is banned, matches can't be tot violent, divas cant be too sexy, and everything has to be kid friendly? I'll pass, I group up in the attitude era, and adults arent going to watch a kiddie show.

  7. See you guys are spoiled because of the attitude era. raw and smackdown are not going to give you 5 star matches every single time out because they don't have to....they save it for the PPVS. Good lord why do you think TNA has horrible PPVS? because they use up all their spots and ideas during the week trying to build ratings....WWE is not stupid, quite the opposite.