WWE Raw Results

Triple H starts the show off talking to the crowd about the raw crew being stuck in Europe and makes fun of the Big Show. He talks about how Smackdown is going to take over the show and his match against Sheamus. Out comes the Straight Edge Messiah CM Punk to interrupt. CM (always awesome on the mic) wants Triple H to join the SES. Triple H has a interesting moment going through the crowd refuting CM Punk’s argument. The SES attacks HHH when Rey Mysterio makes the save. In an effort to not to an exact repeat of last week’s Smackdown Rey actually cuts a lock of hair this time.

Match #1 Drew Mcintyre vs Matt Hardy(for the 3rd or 4th time)
Decent match but getting tired of seeing these two in the ring with the feud going nowhere.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

John Cena is cutting a promo from Europe via “satellite”.

Vladimir Kozlov comes out to cut a heel promo about his treatment by guest hosts, he has Jerry Lawler read a statement trashing New Jersey.

The cast of MacGruber comes out and annouced the 6man tag team main event between Gallows, Punk, and Jericho vs Mysterio, Edge, and HHH. How Edge and Jericho got involved is anyone’s guess but w/e their short people. Kozlov is going to face Macgruber in a match.

There was a comedy skit between MacGruber and Kane/HHH later on.

Randy Orton cuts a promo via satellite.

Swagger comes out issuing an open challenge and starts to leave when out comes to everyone’s surprise The Undertaker. It’s good to see him willing to stop taking time off to help the company in a pinch.

Match #2 The Undertaker vs Jack Swagger
Very good match that kept the Heavyweight champ looking strong while keeping the Undertaker as the man to beat. Nobody expected Swagger to win anyway.

Winner: The Undertaker

Jericho is talking to the SES and runs into Macgruber for a comedy sequence.

Match #3 Macgruber vs Vladimir Kozlov
Kozlov is about to demolish Macgruber when another cast member comes out and announces it will be a handicap match with Macgruber’s half brother Kahlruber. The Great Khali comes out in full Macgruber gear.

Winner: Macgruber and Kahlruber.

Now Khali’s return raises a few thoughts. A. He didn’t leave for India yet and came to help the company in a pinch, B. He never was going to take time off and they planned the Kahlruber thing ahead of time, or C. He was taking time off but they put the Kahlruber thing together at the last second. Either way having him say he is going to take time off and come back as world champ and pull this crap is ridiculous.

Main Event Match #4 Mysterio, HHH, and Edge vs SES (Gallows and Punk) and Jericho
Feels like they just stuck all the main eventers they had (minus Gallows) in a match together to try and give the crowd something. While a great match just seems kinda tacky but I’ve never been a fan of more then 2 people per team in a tag match.

Overall with what they had to work with Raw at least tried to put a decent show together. The buildup for Extreme Rules is really weak so hopefully Smackdown can fix it.

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