WWE Raw Results April 12, 2010

Guest Host this week is David Hasselhoff and Raw is taking place in London, England.

Hasselhoff comes out to the Nightrider theme in Kit. He makes some Hoff puns and annouces some matches. He announces a triple threat tag team Baywatch match between the Diva’s. He says he was watching Smackdown (crowd boo’s lol) and says there was no #1 contender for the title and says it is Randy Orton because he beat Jack Swagger (which he pronouces Jacky Swagger) will face off at Extreme Rules. This really pissed me off why have someone from Raw face the Smackdown champion it’s obvious he isn’t going to win and a triple threat match between Edge, Jericho, and Swagger was the direction many people expected what was the point of that double countout match then.

Match #1 Eve Torres vs Maryse(c) for Diva’s Championship

I’ll be honest I hit the fast-forward button so fast but I’ll rewatch it for our readers :). The match contained no more then 6 wrestling moves at the most the entire match (you think I’m joking go watch slapping and headslamming don’t count). Maryse gets cocky after Eve misses a moonsault and Eve rolls up for the win and the new champ.

Showmiz comes out to cut a promo saying how they are the greatest tag team ever. Bret Hart comes out and names better tag teams then them like the British Bulldogs and Hart Foundation. The Miz who’s without a doubt the best on the mic on Raw says one of the funniest lines I can remember on Raw. “If we were in your Era I’d put a sharpshooter on you faster than you can put a pair of cheap sunglasses on an ugly kid”. The Big Show warns Bret to leave and the Hart Dynasty comes out to save him. D.H. Smith challenges Miz 1v1 and if he win’s The Dynasty gets a title shot at Extreme Rules but if they lose Bret has to name Showmiz the greatest tag team in history next week.

Match #2 D.H. Smith vs The Miz

Pretty decent match good to see these guys getting pushes. A lot more mat work then I expected but it keeps going back and forth. D.H locks in the Sharpshooter and Big Show climbs on apron only to recieve a dropkick. Big Show takes out Tyson Kidd and punches D.H in the kidneys allowing Miz to hit his finisher for the win.

WWE recaps last week between Otunga, Cena, and Batista. Otunga and Batista are talking backstage and Batista punks him out making him get him coffee. Hasselhoff sets up a match between Otunga and Cena. Otunga is getting a ton of exposure. Bella Twins are hot as always btw.

Match #3 Carlito vs Evan Bourne

Very good and atheletic match. Too short for me but I’ll take what I can get. Evan Bourne hits an Air-Bourne for the win.

Otunga comes out with Batista to face Cena.

Match #4 John Cena vs David Otunga

Short match just used to make Super Cena force Otunga to tap out and make another promo for Cena vs Batista.

After match Batista takes off his dress shirt and almost walks to ring to fight Cena only to stop for some reason and say he will choose when they fight so taking off his shirt was pointless.

Sheamus comes out to cut a promo vs Triple H for Extreme Rules. Hopefully they give Sheamus a win to push him further to Main Event Status he definitely has the mic and ring skills to make it to the top. He announces that their match will be a Street Fight and puts down England and America.

Kofi Kingston comes out and wants a rematch with Sheamus for beating him down last week which I thought was pretty funny. Almost as funny as when Evan Bourne tried to challenge Sheamus for the WWE Title.

Match #5 Kofi Kingston vs Sheamus

Easily the best match of the night. Kofi hits the Trouble in Paradise on Sheamus but he grabs the ropes. Sheamus leaves the ring and beats Kofi down with a monitor. He pins him against the ringpost and Bicycle Kicks him. Kofi wins by DQ but Sheamus sent a message to Triple H

Randy Orton was cutting a pretty heelish promo despite him being pushed as a face for his match with Swagger.

Match #6 Diva’s Baywatch Match I fast-forwarded sorry readers I can’t take another week of gimmick Diva match botches.

Match #7 Main Event Randy Orton vs Batista

Another good match that went back and forth. Randy eventually hits the RKO only to have Swagger Gutwrench Powerbomb him. The funny part of this was Cena comes out and knocks down Swagger and immediately makes Batista tap to the STFU.

Overall a pretty good episode of raw although they were very inconsistent with the matches. I enjoyed 90% of the promo’s though.


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