Tuesday, April 27, 2010

WWE Draft Grades and Thoughts

Monday Night Raw put together three hours of vast story line possibilities. The opening match set the stage for the night in my opinion with the Hart Dynasty winning the unified tag championship from Shomiz....incidentally causing the "Greatest Tag Team in WWE History" to end with a...knock out punch. However, the matches tonight were second to the draft itself. Here are the results and what can be interpreted at this point in time:

RAW gets: John Morrison, R-Truth, Edge and Chris Jericho

Raw Draft Grade: A

Monday Night Raw now has a very large group of Superstars in the mix. This is mainly because Triple H is taking time off, HBK has retired and Cena Orton and Sheamus can only do so much. So Vince clearly needs some stability on Monday nights. The possible feuds and story lines are endless right now. John Cena now has quite a few people to go up against for the WWE title. Edge<--(1) asserted himself tonight by spearing Orton<--(2), Batista<--(3) is the current #1 contender, but honestly I think he loses again and we can call it a career for the Animal. Sheamus<--(4) is a proven heel and lets not forget the "Greatest in the World at what he does" Chris Jericho<--(5) and that is only the WWE championship possibilities.

With Shomiz broken up, the WWE U.S. Title is now the focus for the Miz. Enter R-Truth, John Morrison and Ted Dibiase. That is going to be the line up for the feuds to come for the championship. Here is something else that is foreseeable, Chris Jericho feuding with the Miz for the title (face turn?). There are so many possible story lines that will take place and it all benefits the Miz. The draft has allowed the U.S. Title to become a serious belt again, with legitimate contenders waiting in the locker room.

Also what happens if the Unified Tag Team Championships get split up again? Bret Hart is obviously trying to bring life back to Tag Team wrestling in WWE and by how the crowd reacted to the Hart Dynasty, it will be interesting to say the least if tag teams become a focus again.

Smackdown gets: Kelly Kelly (snore), Big show, Kofi Kingston, Christian

Smackdown grade: C+

The reason it isn't a B is because they went politically correct by sending a Diva on the main draft instead of the noon supplementary draft.

Smackdown added three main event carders to its squad making it very strong. Undertaker is still the top man on Friday nights of course, Rey Mysterio is adored by kids, the Straight Edge Society (SES) is still hated, the Hart Dynasty is completely over with the crowd and the All American American Jack Swagger has taken off.

**For the record, WWE made him lose all those matches for a reason, so all the narcs and haters who were bashing WWE for that storyline....once again your impatience amazes me. I love hearing people say the show is for ADD kids when they can't see a developing storyline plain as day. He beat Orton clean when it mattered and that was for the strap. (He beat Morrison clean tonight as well, just in case you were wondering)**

Smackdown did very well in the draft and have some good World Title matches coming. Jack Swagger has been put into a situation where he can solidify himself as a main event contender. I see Kofi Kingston or Christian being his first feud post draft. Here is why; Undertaker is going to be limited for a while, I doubt Big Show will get a title shot considering Vince hasn't put the WWE or WHC title on him in God knows when and CM Punks feud with Mysterio isn't over yet. Honestly, the World Heavyweight Title will be an interesting storyline. If done right, Jack Swagger may become the top guy on Smackdown (well after Undertaker).

I do see Big Show joining the Straight Edge Society however. That could prove interesting if you put Luke Gallows and Show against Hart Dynasty for the tag belts. That leaves CM Punk to go after Swagger once the Mysterio feud ends. The SES would then need only Drew McIntyre to have a full sweep of the titles. That would be a great stable in my opinion.

Speaking of Drew McIntyre and the Intercontinental Championship, they are the next intriguing possibility. Next to McIntyre joining the SES, I can see Kofi or Christian (depending on who gets the nod for the World Title feud) having well executed matches with Drew.

**Wild idea here, many will disagree with but from how the crowd pops for him I personally want to see it. GOLDUST WINNING THE INTERCONTINENTAL BELT. The crowd has been loving his return and is steadily gaining more and more cheers. Just one time Vince! Let him have it just one more time!**

....Now that I'm back to reality, Drew McIntyre has limitless potential and will be a WWE or World Heavyweight Champion. He now has the pieces in place to have the proper feuds to build his credibility and gather momentum for future title runs.
Still, I love the idea of he and Big Show joining the SES...one HELL of a stable.

Overall the draft was great for WWE. Raw is stacked with main event stars and Smackdown is as consistent as ever. This is going to be a testing time for WWE considering Shawn Michaels is now gone, Triple H is taking time off and the limited shows for Undertaker. Vince is trusting the younger guys to be assertive and in my personal opinion, these young stars have what it takes to carry the torch.

**Don't forget at Noon there is the Supplementary Draft!!*


  1. The draft was sooo shitty. see the same guys on all shows pretty much weekly anyway, bunch of midcarders traded......same old wwe tv-pg bullshit.

  2. Funny thing is everyone complains about seeing the same matches....hmmm the rock and stone cold went at eachother COUNTLESS times. Undertaker and Kane have gone at it COUNTLESS times. So saying it was "shitty" is your opinion but to make it a valid opinion you need to back it up

  3. Undertaker and Kane didn't go at it countless times. The Rock vs Austin feuds were actually well thought out there is a difference.

  4. They havn't gone at it countless times? please tell me your joking. They went on a 6 month feud when kane first debuted. Kane was never part of the ministry of darkness and he feuded with Undertaker during that time too. Lets not forget how many times they broke up the "brothers of destruction" and went on a feud from there. need i go on? ok and when undertaker became the deadman again at wrestlemania XX.....not countless times?

  5. Hey, moron, the difference between The Rock and Austin going at it over and over compared to todays matches is simple. The Rock and Austin matches were GOOD. And enjoyable to watch no matter how many times they fought.

  6. There is nothing different from the rock and austin matches than undertaker shawn michaels two years in a row now. I like how you start off saying moron considering you have 0 basis no your claim....how did austin and rock matches usually go? Oh i'll steal his finisher and then he'll steal mine. Please all you WWE haters are spiteful and are never happy. Go get laid for christ sake....even if it's firing off knuckle children