WWE Draft Grades and Thoughts

Monday Night Raw put together three hours of vast story line possibilities. The opening match set the stage for the night in my opinion with the Hart Dynasty winning the unified tag championship from Shomiz….incidentally causing the “Greatest Tag Team in WWE History” to end with a…knock out punch. However, the matches tonight were second to the draft itself. Here are the results and what can be interpreted at this point in time:

RAW gets: John Morrison, R-Truth, Edge and Chris Jericho

Raw Draft Grade: A

Monday Night Raw now has a very large group of Superstars in the mix. This is mainly because Triple H is taking time off, HBK has retired and Cena Orton and Sheamus can only do so much. So Vince clearly needs some stability on Monday nights. The possible feuds and story lines are endless right now. John Cena now has quite a few people to go up against for the WWE title. Edge


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